Monday, February 8, 2010

xinlisupreme - murder license (2002)

RIYL: Yellow Swans, Wolf Eyes
Holy HELL what is this???  If you, like me, thought that the heavy beats on "Bring the Neon War Home" were the best thing Yellow Swans ever did, if you secretly wish that My Bloody Valentine had gone in the drum n' bass direction in which Kevin Shields was rumored be experimenting... If you like Ben Frost and Wolf Eyes and everything super-fucking-blown out... you probably need this.  They got electronic industrial beats in my wall of distortion!  They got a wall of distortion in my electronic industrial beats!  Together, they taste like MY BRAINS MELTING OUT OF MY ORIFICES.  This is what Mega Man's brain sounds like inside a k-hole.  You can find almost all of their stuff to download for free at their (RAD-ASS) website.


  1. damn dude, this is cruunncchy.

    wicked cool.

  2. whoa what? awesome! man so many things pass my radar it's crazy