Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Autechre FACT Mix

listen here (to download, right click this link and select 'save link as')

Autechre are known as legends in the field on electronic music called IDM (intellegent dance music). Their style is paradoxically chaotic and highly structured at the same time. They use odd time signatures, truly out-of-this-world aural textures, and their sound is alternately confrontational and difficult or pleasantly ambient and inspirational. And throughout out the years, it's been reported by various random sources they are influenced by hip hop, which certainly isn't much of a stretch if you just look to the fact that both hip hop and electronic music are all about beat production. The appropriate way to label Autechre as hip hop though would to call it techno-alien-future-hop-on-acid.

Despite the fact that i always assumed that this supposed hip hop influence was overstated, it seems to be confirmed by this recent mix they've compiled. Maybe i just haven't the proper hip hop radar. But nonetheless, here you have it. Hip-hop through the lens of Autechre. Old skool beats with some extra flourishes to add to the atmosphere, melding into some other IDM (Venetian Snares), a dash of randomness, and a metal track. I'm all for taking hip hop into new territories, often secretly wishing that a genre would emerge called prog-hop. And to my delight, they've come close to accomplishing that here. It's a testament to their reputation that i'm never truly suprised to hear something incredibly interesting from these two Brits.

(p.s. new Autechre LP, "Oversteps" in march. schweet...)


1. [00:00] Mark Stewart & Maffia - Blessed Are Those Who Struggle [On-U Sound, 1983]
2. [03:25] Sensational - Thick Marker [WordSound, 1997]
3. [05:03] Phat Kat - Cock Suckers [Sequence Records, 2002]
4. [06:45] Scorn - Black Belt [Hymen Records, 2002]
5. [07:30] Tangerine Dream - Exit [Virgin, 1981]
6. [10:28] Roedelius - Übern Fluss
7. [12:15] Sonic Sum - Negatives [Tri-Eight Music Supplies, 2004]
8. [13:40] Raekwon - Broken Safety [Ice H2O Records, 2009]
9. [16:09] Q-Tip & Free Murder - Just A Lil Dude "Who Dat Ovah There" [Koch Records, 2007]
10. [19:32] J Dilla - Won't Do (Instrumental) [BBE, 2006]
11. [23:10] Black Milk - Danger [Music House, 2005]
12. [25:02] Ruby-Lo - Guilty Until Proven Guilty (feat. Thirstin Howl The 3rd) [Skillionaire Enterprises, 2009]
13. [28:04] Black Milk - Sound The Alarm [Fat Beats, 2006]
14. [30:15] Venetian Snares - Molting [Isolate, 2000]
15. [33:13] Venetian Snares - Punishing The Atoms [Isolate, 2000]
16. [38:50] Todd Terry - Made By The Man [Sleeping Bag, 1988]
17. [42:06] Percee P - Throwback Rap Attack [Stones Throw Records, 2006]
18. [45:00] Tuff Crew - Behold The Detonator [Warlock Records, 1989]
19. [47:00] Ultramagnetic MC's - Break North [Next Plateau Records Inc., 1988]
20. [50:00] Strafe - Set It Off [Jus Born Records, 1984]
21. [52:50] Necrophagist - Diminished To Be [Relapse Records, 2004]
22. [56:26] Bernard Parmegiani - Ondes Croisées [INA-GRM, 1984]
23. [58:27] Stephen Mallinder - Pow Wow [Fetish Records, 1981]
24. [61:30]
25. [62:32] Beat Club - Security (Beats)
26. [65:45] Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon [Play It Again Sam, 1990]
27. [68:54] New Age Steppers - Radial Drill [On-U Sound, 1981]
28. [71:55] Stephen Mallinder - Cool Down [Fetish Records, 1981]
29. [74:40] Stephen Mallinder - Length Of Time [Fetish Records, 1982]


  1. oh man. autechre just pulled a fast one on everyone on the internet trying to steal their new album (like me). they released multiple fake leaks, two of which i downloaded. one sounds like autechre if they made music while sleep-walking and the other one is hilarious. it sounds like richard d. james farting into a microphone and then processing it through his synth. very confusing but pretty funny.

  2. http://fatroland.blogspot.com/2010/01/autechres-oversteps-fake-leak-scandal.html