Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Best Songs Of 2017

Hi Everyone! Here are some of our favorite songs of the year!! These songs have many things going for them. Some of them are bursting with ingenuity, some are bursting with humor. Some of these are politically charged, others are just plain old fun! So dig in, check out the spotify list connected with this down below!

A Giant Dog

Photograph-From The Album "Toy"

Alex Cameron

Stranger's Kiss(Duet w/Angel Olsen-From The Album "Forced Witness"

Ariel Pink

Death Patrol-From The Album "Dedicated To Bobby Jameson"

Dan Auerbach

Waiting On A Song-From The Album "Waiting On A Song"


Tara-From The Album "Volume 1"

Benjamin Clementine

Farewell Sonata-From The Album "I Tell A Fly"

Neil Cicierega

Annoyed Grunt-From The Album "Mouth Moods"

Darlene Shrugg

Inherit The Wind-From The Album "Darlene Shrugg"

Richard Dawson

Soldier-From The Album "Peasant"

Dizzee Rascal

Sick A Dis-From The Album "Raskit"

Father John Misty

The Memo-From The Album "Pure Comedy"


Avalon-From The Album "Hang"

The Garden

Have A Good Day Sir-From The EP "U Want The Scoop?"

Hamell On Trial

She Ride It-From The Album "Tackle Box"

Curtis Harding

Wednesday Morning Atonement-From The Album "Face Your Fear"

Tim Heidecker

Imperial Bathroom-From The Album "Too Dumb For Suicide: Tim Heidecker's Trump Songs"

Jesca Hoop

Cut Connection-From The Album "Memories Are Now"

Hurray For The Riff Raff

Pa'Lante-From The Album "The Navigator"


Well Done-From The Album "Brutalism"


Houmous-From The Album "Savage Sinusoid"


Black Origami-From The Album "Black Origami"

Kane Strang

Oh So You're Off I See-From The Album "Two Hearts And No Brain"

Pokey LaFarge

Better Man Than Me-From The Album "Manic Revelations"

Kendrick Lamar

Humble-From The Album "DAMN"

LCD Soundsystem

Tonite-From The Album "American Dream"

Sondre Lerche

Serenading In The Trenches-From The Album "Pleasure"


Cred Woes-From The Album "TFCF"

Los Angeles Police Department

Drugs-From The Album "Los Angeles Police Department"

The Magnetic Fields

67' Come Back As A Cockroach-From The Album "50 Song Memoir"

The Mavericks

Rolling Along-From The Album "Brand New Day"

Dent May

Across The Multiverse-From The Album "Across The Multiverse"


Disciples-From The Album "Alice"

Midnight Sister

Blue Cigar-From The Album "Saturn Over Sunset"

R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner

I H8 PPL-From The Album "Make It Be"

Mutoid Man

Date With The Devil-From The Album "War Moans"

Randy Newman

The Great Debate-From The Album "Dark Matter"

Once & Future Band

I'll Be Fine-From The Album "Once & Future Band"

Pissed Jeans

The Bar Is Low-From The Album "Why Love Now?"


I Bow Down-From The Album "The Age Of Anxiety"

Margo Price

Pay Gap-From The Album "All American Made"

Queens Of The Stone Age

The Way You Used To Do-From The Album "Villains"

Quelle Chris

Buddies-From The Album "Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often"

The Regrettes

Hey Now-From The Album "Feel Your Feelings Fool!"

Sequoyah Tiger

Punta Otok-From The Album "Parabolabandit"


Do You Want To Get Into Trouble?-From The Album "From Deewee"


Hands Undressed-From The Album "Uncanny Valley"

St. Vincent

Pills-From The Album "Masseduction"

Harry Styles

Sign Of The Times-From The Album "Harry Styles"

Tyler The Creator

Who Dat Boy-From The Album "Scum Fuck Flower Boy"


Million Enemies-From The Album "You're Welcome"

Wheeler Walker Jr.

Pussy King-From The Album "Ol' Wheeler"