Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011 & 1/2

2011 is now more than half over, and summer's finally arrived (although if you are in San Francisco you wouldn't know it from the rain).  Any excuse to make a list of albums is a good excuse, but "2011 so far" is an extra good excuse.  Here's lists from me (aw), destroythescene and R.A.Williams; MRT will be posting his list tomorrow.

These are the albums I've been digging the most so far this year- I took a few albums off the list at the last second (ducktails, tim cohen, a few others) because I wasn't sure if I liked them THAT much.  The ones I like best are in bold.

battles - gloss drop (warp)
black devil disco club - circus (lo)
burzum - fallen (back on black)
   Burzum - Jeg Faller (Fallen) by metalassault

clams casino - b-sides instrumental & remixes (self-released)

lumerians - transmalinnia (partisan)
   Atlanta Brook by Lumerians

moon duo - mazes (sacred bones)
peaking lights - 936 (not not fun)

vetiver - the errant charm (sub pop)
   Vetiver - Worse For Wear by wattesnl


These are in order from best to last

Psychedelic Horseshit - Laced (Fat Cat)
Psychedelic Horseshit - French Countryside by TheDiscoverialist

Ponytail - Do Whatever You Want All the Time (We Are Free)
Ponytail - Honey Touches by FBi Radio

Death Grips - Exmilitary (Self-released)
Death Grips - Exmilitary - 3 - Spread Eagle Cross the Block by deathgrips

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop)
Fleet Foxes - Montezuma by gypsysphere

Tuneyards - Whokill (4AD)
Tune-Yards - Bizness by snipelondon

Akron Family - S/T II The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT (Dead Oceans)
Akron Family - Silly Bears by Pretty Much Amazing

Panda Bear - Tomboy (Paw Tracks)
Panda Bear - Last Night At The Jetty by bigasslens

Rabbits - Lower Forms (Relapse)
Rabbits - A Tale Of Tales (Lower Forms) by metalassault

Liturgy - Aesthethica (Thrill Jockey)
Liturgy - High Gold by deadcomedian


tim hecker - ravedeath 1972 (kranky)

egyptrixx - bible eyes (night slugs)

clams casino - instrumental mixtape (self-released)

asc - stutter/leviathan 12" (exit records)

bok bok - southside ep (night slugs)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bon Iver-Bon Iver, Bon Iver(2011)

Bon Iver - "Calgary" by blatanti




RIYL: Phil Collins' Genesis, Bad TV on the Radio, Circa 1999 Dave Matthews, Overblown Garbage.

also there is a really horrible song on this album, it's the closing song called "Beth/Rest" that is beyond words horrible, unfortuneatly due to Bon Iver's label or himself being a tight ass almost none of the songs are available anywhere on the internet legally. i will update this review if i find something though, but in the meantime download that shit if you want to make your ears bleed.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cam Connor-Fitter Happiest(2011)

03 Good a$$ Job by sean.taylor106

06 Indie Soap Opera (Feat. Jeremy P) by sean.taylor106

The art of sampling. I personally think it's brilliant, some people think it's shit but i think there is a great art to picking out samples, changing them or leaving them intact but arranging them in such a way where you create a brand new piece of art. Doing this takes time and effort and this Cam Connor person has succeeded in creating some new art.
Some of you may be rolling your eyes thinking this is gonna be just like girl talk, but the difference is this guy or girl doesnt give a shit about making dance tracks out of this music instead he creates a truly ridiculous mash up with interesting turns everywhere. A lot of this is somewhat blasphemous which is great because i feel a lot of people are wearing velvet gloves when they "approach the greats". This is ugly, awful, annoying but ultimately completely engaging.
I mean this is shitty but great at the same time. it is trash, it is disposable but it is also exciting as all hell. whether or not you see what i see is totally in your head but to me this is the sound of someone who cant decide what to play so they just play everything at once and never pick up an instrument aside from their trusty sampler.


oh and i think this may be thom yorke

Monday, June 6, 2011

Death Grips-Exmilitary(2011)

Death Grips - Exmilitary by deathgrips

So this is a bit of a weird one and to be honest kind of a great one. This project is a hip hop group from Sacramento. It involves Zach Hill and two other mystery people. I dont hear too much of Zach's drumming, but i suspect i am hearing his beats. He hinted at stuff like this throughout his solo career but until now his noise/pop sensibilities had never been paired with hip hop. I think it's a great mix and he isn't afraid to take risks with this music, a lot of it sounds like it's not going to work but i havent heard a misstep on this album.
The general mood of this album is very confrontational, aggressive yet at the same time really playful. There are a ton of 60s samples ranging from girl group to arthur brown and a bunch of other stuff, bowie gets a sample too. This truly is melting pot hip hop, pulling from many genres twisting them and then using them as a jumping off point to launch this music straight into your brain.
As far as i can tell, this stuff is still pretty "under the radar" and they are offering this mixtape for free on their website right here!

This kind of has a Odd Future feeling to it, but it feels more mature, maybe thats because it is made by an older crowd. It also has a heavy Food For Animals vibe but it's not as focused on abstract IDM, instead you could throw this on at a party and i think people would be down.
This is forward thinking hip hop that i hope turns some heads, this needs to be heard and at that price why not just give it a try it's fucking free!

a few notes: Mike Leisz turned me onto this one...thanks bud! and i highly recommend the songs guillotine and spread eagle across the block...but i mean just download the whole thing!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fleet Foxes-Helplessness Blues(2011)

Fleet Foxes - Montezuma by gypsysphere

02 - Bedouin Dress by chrisdeets

Sometimes i write off a band, sometimes it's for a good reason and i never want to listen to them ever again. Sometimes it's for a bad reason like the "scene" surrounding such music, people who like it, etc.. and i usually regret it sometimes. This one i am regretting bigtime. It's not like i am gonna run out and buy their first ep or album, but this, this thing right here i am listening to is making me regret writing them off.

This is pure indie folk/pop shit you would assume these days is a dime a dozen but the pure talent going into these songs cant be ignored. The harmonies alone could carry this band but underneath it lies a great sense of tension within the instrumentation. this band likes to ebb and flow and swell up and down just like a sea and the boat is carrying the melodies and harmonies. it all accompanies everything around it and back again. every song is a highlight and a joy to listen to.

the main touchstones i can find here are of course crosby stills and nash. but also, more importantly, and this might seem weird but the absolute best melodies from James Taylor. i hear a ton of him in this album, this album reminds me of an afternoon looking out on a beach and just not having shit to do and being able to totally appreciate the things around you. I'm normally not this sappy but this album makes me feel good, i cant really explain it but every element wrenches an emotional reaction from me and it's great.

who knew this would be the year of being blown away by simple well done indie releases, im diggin it