Friday, February 19, 2010

true grim kult indie folk

"Are you going to Scarborough Fair?"
I have to admit I was a little skeptical about this news.  This "Marissa Nadler" character doesn't SOUND like she would be a very grim or frost-bitten musician, but I had never heard her before, so I decided to check her out and determine how metal she is.
....So, not really evil in the least.  But not bad either, kinda nice dark folk.  And who can blame lonely Xasthur for wanting to work with the pretty girl?  Still, it seems like an unlikely pairing.  Fortunately, through the use of technology, I have been able to predict with 99.666% accuracy what this collaboration will sound like:

Say, that's pretty evil, actually!  On his blog, Xasthur describes Nadler as "Ambient Atmospheric Shoe Gaze Acid-Folk", and then hilariously tries to claim "I’m not very concerned with labeling genres".  Yeah right dude, then why did you just make up a totally complicated genre name?  And that brings us to what is by far the most interesting aspect of all of this: Xasthur has a BLOG.  There is nothing funnier than trying to be evil while simultaneously being hosted by blogspot.  His black and purple design is pretty good, though.  I love his profile pic and that his occupation is listed as "Lounge Act".  Want to know what Xasthur's interests are?
"Winter, Rivers, Snow, Rain, Tree, Cold, Silence, Nowhere, Hate, Emptiness..., Destroying music"
Awwww thanks for sharing with us!  But don't expect that Xasthur will follow you on Twitter! "I do not (and will not) use myspace, facebook, twitter or anything like that. This is it!".  Right, because facebook is NOT METAL (but blogger is).  Doesn't this guy know that most evil and kult hosting services are angelfire and geocities (RIP)?  But I'm glad he's got a blog, because I've been pronouncing his name wrong all this time:

"After all these years I thought I'd give the proper pronunciation of Xasthur, at least in my world. There are a couple different ways:
* Zas-ter (rhyming with disaster)
* Zas-toor or Zas-tour * The H is silent in both"

So like, you could say "your attempt maintain your evil image while blogging is a total disxasthur". Ayyyyyyoooooooooo


  1. That's one br00tal post, it will definitely be an... interesting... collaboration

  2. hmmm..this is interesting, it could turn out to be like peste noire or some of the other black metal/folk stuff like dead reptile shrine or the jewelled antler shit that dead raven choir did

  3. man peste noire are so awesome! not really atmospheric like xasthur though. and xasthur isn't really noisy like dead raven choir either. I'd guess its more likely that this will end up sounding more like wolves in the throne room or something. who is this "dead reptile shrine"? its a killer name!