Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Live Set: Untold at the Unsound Festival in Krakow, Poland. October 2009.

UP#07 Untold at Unsound 2009 by unsound

While I am rather sad that I could not actually be in Krakow, Poland for this delightful Unsound Festival, I am also rather lucky that the set from UK electronic producer Untold was recorded through a live feed and then distributed to the masses on It's got all the goods and is a good representation of the continuing flurry of creative forces in the UK and elsewhere in dubstep, techno, and everything in between. He keeps it fresh and interesting, wobble free, and forward thinking.

It starts out with a ton of energy, horns blazing, party anthems flying, and then around the 15 minute mark pivots to a long stretch of dark and moody stuff. the transition point is a remix of lil wayne's 'a milli'. i know what you might be thinking, and i agree. 'a milli' is a tired, tired song that needs to be put to rest. but i'm not lying when i say that this particular remix is totally worth listening to, largely due to the fact that the repeating "a milli" hook isn't used anywhere within it. the beginning of the set is completely off the hook, and then goes off the deep end after this remix.

Untold's tracks make appearances throughout and his tracks have a super funky style that the rest of the mix reflects well. it's funky in a weird way. weird yet solid banging rhythms, start and stop melodies, all kinds of craziness. to sum it up: it's pretty heavy, but still fun. overall it's a pretty special style and there are some truly stand-out tracks consistently throughout. this is the cutting edge of uk electronic music.

***super-dope highlights: 19:00, 26:30, 30:00, 34:00!!, 41:45-43:50, 57:15


the tracklist was compiled pretty well by a few dedicated peeps that are tuned into the scene, but unfortunately still has a few missing pieces. i'll try to find a complete list soon.

01)Untold - ?
02)Untold - Stop What You're Doing
03)dj c? - 'jump up and bounce' (3:35)
04)RedLight - Wind Up Your Body Gal(5:20)
05)? - ? (7:05)
06)Shortstuff & Hyetal - Don't Sleep
07)Redlight - Pick Up The Phone
08)Untold - Anaconda (13:55)
09)Lil' Wayne - A millie (Harmonimix remix) (16:00)
10)Untold - You Didn't Win the Holiday (18:00)
11)TRG - Strobe Lick (20:35)
12)Joy Orbison - J. Doe (22:35)
13)Pangaea - Router (25:45)
14)Untold & D Franklin - Beacon (28:15)
15)Blawan - Fram (30:13)
16)The xx - Islands (Untold remix) (31:30)
17)bad memory (34:00)
18)Untold - Gonna Work Out Fine (37:00)
19)Untold - Bad Girls (39:15)
20)L-Vis 1990 - Hide (40:30)
21)? - ? (42:30)
22)bad memory (44:15)
23)Untold - Never Went Away (45:45)
24)TRG - Siberian Poker (47:50)
25)Mount Kimbie - Sketch on Glass (49:00)
26)Ramadanman - Bleeper (51:15)
27)Untold - Don't Know. Don't Care. (54:00)
28)Brackles - Rawkus (57:10)
29)James Blake - Air & Lack Thereof (58:45)
30)Untold - Stop What You're Doing (James Blake remix) (60:55)


  1. pretty solid mix... needs more BASS but that's probably an issue with how i'm listening on my comp than anything else. I guess this must have been taped directly through the soundboard? it almost doesn't sound like a live mix...

  2. @36:30 or thereabouts is this one melody that I excitedly tried to claim to you, at some random dubstep concert, was "worries again" off of the first mary-ann hobbes mix. its not a direct sample though, I don't think. maybe just very similar.


  4. yeah, i'm pretty sure it was taped through the soundboard. and yeah, that sounds pretty similar to the 'worries again' track, but it's something different that i definitely need to know. best track i've heard in a while, i can totally imagine it being epic live. uk electronic folk are really good at keeping their music obscure (to people online at least), those punks.