Monday, February 15, 2010

Trentemøller - Harbour Boat Trips 01 - Copenhagen

(16) [Suicide] Ghost Rider by elpretentio2

(04) [I Got You On Tape] Somersault by elpretentio2

This here is one extremely solid rock comp. Released in the middle of last year, it's the first in the Harbour Boat Trips series of compilations by the electronic producer Trentmøller.

It does something that eludes many an artist/DJ when putting together a mix: accomplishing a perfect balance of variety, depth, and consistency. The sounds range from folksy indie rock, to electronic synth rock, to new wave, and even back to some ambient electronic tracks. The artists that contributed all have their own pretty distinct sound which amps up the overall quality tremendously (compared to your average mix) and make it interesting.

As some of you might know, my specialty is electronics. So it's no small feat for a record made up of mostly rock music to impress me. But the real distinction there between this and the average indie-hack production that bores me is that this is music made by what i consider to be real musicians with an actual, well-trained musical ear. All throughout this mix, they demonstrate how to produce strong melodies while also adding rhythm to their arrangements in such a way that gives what would otherwise could have been average songs some weight and drive, making each respective track that much more compelling. The difference is subtle but crucial, and this hits the mark.

Again, the real key here is how well balanced it is while serving up a nice dose of variety. It just 'fits'.

But i digress. Just give it a listen if you're so inclined... It's engaging and easy on the ears. (As it should be)



01. Grouper - Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping
02. Gravenhurst - I Turn My Face To The Forest Floor
03. Emiliana Torrini - Lifesaver
04. I Got You On Tape - Somersault
05. Beach House - Gila
06. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anenome
07. The Raveonettes - Aly, Walk With Me (Nic Endo Remix)
08. The Hypothetical Prophets - Back To The Burner
09. Suicide - Cheree
10. Muscleheads - Phosphorescence
11. David Garcet - Confidence (New Wave Mix)
12. Rennie Foster - Devil’s Water
13. Caribou - Melody Day (Remix)
14. The Raveonettes/Trentemoller - She’s Lost Control
15. A Place To Bury Strangers - I Know I’ll See You
16. Suicide - Ghost Rider
17. Khan - Fantomes
18. Trentemoller - Vamp (Live Edit)
19. Two Lone Swordsmen - Kamanda’s Response
20. Copenhagen Collective/Soft Cell - Copenhagen

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