Monday, September 28, 2009

best of the 1990's: 1996-1999

so here's part two of my big 90's list. comments are always appreciated!

aphex twin - richard d. james (1996)
I hate it when people refer to robert downey jr as RDJ, because every time I'm like "wtf are you talking about, aphex twin isn't in iron man!! what?!?"

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burzum - filosofem (1996)
if "transilvanian hunger" isn't the best black metal album ever, then this definitely is. one or the other

daft punk - homework (1996)
who doesn't love daft punk?

harvey milk - my love is higher than your assessment of what my love could be (1996)
their debut album. these guys have never released a bad album, which is totally insane. one of the best metal bands of all time

lethargy - it's hard to write with a little hand (1996)
awesome pre-mastodon math metal

satyricon - nemesis divina (1996)
"mother north" was the song that convinced me that I liked black metal

built to spill - perfect from now on (1997)
one time I was super pissed-off and depressed and walking to my job that I hated, but I didn't have any metal on my ipod. so I listened to this instead, and it hit me really hard. this album bums me out in the best way.

emperor - anthems to the welkin at dusk (1997)
absurdly bombastic black metal

frederik thordenda's special defects - sol niger within (1997)
meshuggah's guitar player goes solo and goes crazy

mogwai - young team (1997)
this band had a big influence on my musical tastes, and are one of the best live shows i've ever seen

strapping young lad - city (1997)
while later albums would improve on SYL's sound, this is still an awesome weirdo industrial metal album

arab strap - philophobia (1998)
drunken, filthy, and kind of pretty in its own way

at the drive-in - in casino out (1998)
an album I can come back to again and again. my favorite at the drive-in album easily

gorguts - obscura (1998)
incredibly strange and technical death metal

autechre - ep7 (1999)
IDM. much more accessible than a lot of their later work

the black heart procession - 2 (1999)
I don't listen to it much anymore, but this album still has a soft spot for me

chessie - overnight (1999)
instrumental rock about trains. "daylight" used to be a favorite

deerhoof - holdy paws (1999)
although my favorite deerhoof releases didn't come out until the 2000's, this is still a great record

dillinger escape plan - calculating infinity (1999)
intensely complex math metal

kool keith - black elvis/lost in space (1999)
kool keith is a weird and awesome dude

the locust - self-titled (1999)
grindcore/hardcore/screamo. this band kind of blew my mind when I first heard them.

manes - under ein blodraud maane (1999)
psychedelic shoegazing black metal

maudlin of the well - my fruit psychobells a seed combustible (1999)
artsy prog-doom

mf doom - operation doomsday (1999)
it's mf doom! what else needs to be said?

mindless self indulgence - tight (1999)
not even the most embarassing thing I was listening to in 1999

mr. bungle - california (1999)
mike patton and mr. bungle sometimes get too wacky for their own good, but this album has some classics on it, including "goodbye sober day", one of the best album-closers ever

ten in the swear jar - my very private map (1999)
pre-xiu xiu weirdness from the peninsula

best of the 1990's: 1990-1995

Alright, so here is my witty rejoinder to Destroy-the-Scene's massive 90's list. Yet unlike DtS, I am not a sadist, so I have divided my list into two more digestible chunks. ALSO unlike certain other writers here, I know the RULES for making these lists, so only one release per artist, and no releases that were already listed by Sean. Let's do this!

death - spiritual healing (1990)
a classic death metal album

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london posse - gangster chronicle (1990)
UK hip hop

nocturnus - the key (1990)
definitely the best death metal about time travel

obituary - cause of death (1990)
death metal. I saw a dude wearing a shirt with this on it, wandering up and down the same block of Mission street, like five times over the course of an hour

atheist - unquestionable presence (1991)
my favorite progressive death metal album!

confessor - condemned (1991)
progressive metal with exceptionally over-the-top vocals

hijack - the horns of jericho (1991)
political UK rap

my bloody valentine - loveless (1991)
one of my favorite albums ever! how did this not make your list, Sean?

pestilence - testimony of the ancients (1991)
dutch progressive death metal

von - satanic blood (1991)
the first american black metal, insanely lo-fi and primitive, from SF

big black - pigpile (1992)
I wouldn't normally count live albums in lists like these, but this was my introduction to big black so it gets a spot

dr. dre - the chronic (1992)
honestly I was kind of torn between this and chronic 2001, but I had to go with the original

ice cube - the predator (1992)
ice cube has a number of classic albums, but only one has "it was a good day" on it

ministry - psalm 69 (1992)

neurosis - souls at zero (1992)
oakland's heaviest

pungent stench - been caught buttering (1992)
disgusting austrian death metal

r.b.l. posse - a lesson to be learned (1992)
maybe the best SF rap album of all time, even just for "bammer weed"

cynic - focus (1993)
jazzy progressive death metal with bizarro vocoder vocals!!

sleep - sleep's holy mountain (1993)
the best sabbath-worship stoner metal album ever

snoop doggy dogg - doggystyle (1993)
if you don't love this, you have no soul

beastie boys - ill communication (1994)
what can I say, I got fond memories

darkthrone - transilvanian hunger (1994)
the best black metal album ever?!?

method man - tical (1994)
kind of uneven, but you can't really go wrong with any of the first-wave of wu-tang releases

slowdive - souvlaki (1994)
second only to MBV in the world of shoegaze, & one of my favorite albums ever

at the gates - slaughter of the soul (1995)
classic melodic death metal, launched the entire Gothenburg scene

dissection - storm of the light's bane (1995)
one of the best melodic death albums ever

dre dog - i hate you with a passion (1995)
classic bay area rap, incredibly dark and violent

E-40 - in a major way (1995)
more classic bay area rap

meshuggah - destroy erase improve (1995)
one of the best technical death metal bands' excellent debut

ol' dirty bastard - return to the 36 chambers (1995)

today is the day - willpower (1995)
unhinged trashy rock, before today is the day got way metal