Friday, July 24, 2009

RE: In My Honest Opinion; The Best Albums of the 80s(at least of what i have heard anyway)

Alright, this is my little list thrown together in response. It's a lot shorter than Mr. Destroy The Scene's, in part because he already named some of my favorite albums and I won't include them on the list. But if he hadn't previously mentioned them, my list definitely would have included

motorhead - ace of spades
einsturzende neubauten - halber mensch (ps I spelled that right on my first try, fuck yeah)
big black - songs about fucking
scratch acid - the greatest gift

So yeah, ditto to their inclusion on the previous list. Here's what WASN'T on the last list, but SHOULD HAVE been. Oh yeah, and only one album by each artist (SORRY METALLICA), and no compilations that aren't primarily material recorded in the 80's.

Captain Beefheart - Doc at the Radar Station (1980)
weirdo rock

read the rest!

Kraftwerk - Computer World (1981)
bleeps and bloops, melodies for Coldplay to steal

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message (1982)
electro, early hip-hop

Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast (1982)
NWOBHM, galloping beats, killer guitars, running to the hills

Metallica - Kill 'Em All (1983)
party metal, drinking, inventing being the best metal band

Slayer - Show No Mercy (1983)
shredding, killing, destroying, also being the best metal band

Husker Du - Zen Arcade (1984)
bad singing, really thin guitars, songs I like

Possessed - Seven Churches (1985)
nasty sounding metal, the birth of death metal

Big Black - Atomizer (1986)
bad ass misanthropic nerds

Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction (1987)
eh maybe not really good enough for this list but what the hell why not

The Dead C - DR503 (1988)
surprisingly tuneful experimental noise

Death - Leprosy (1988)
some of the best death metal of all time

Dinosaur Jr. - Bug (1988)
not sure how this one didn't make your list, dude

EPMD - Strictly Business (1988)
hella chill

My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything (1988)
frequently overlooked

Atheist - Piece of Time (1989)
killer thrash and death metal, preview of better things to come

Minor Threat - Complete Discography (1989)
being self-righteous, future Nike ad

Rapeman - Two Nuns and a Pack Mule (1989)
ha ha ha ha


  1. you two ol' so in so's . . .

    i have an inkling there could be even MORE additions to this list...what happened to geologist john?

  2. geologist jon is seeing the world! and jamming to pan flute music.

  3. so here goes, almost all of those albums on your list were in high consideration for my list, the only one i personally missed was rapeman, it would have been on my list if i remembered, the rest just didnt make the cut. some of them i havent heard yet and need to: that athiest album, possessed, and the grandmaster flash album. and some i really have never been able to wrap my head around: the dinosaur jr album and the iron maiden album. but yeah i did consider all those albums

  4. but why? why leave off beefheart, kraftwerk, my bloody valentine? is it because you think they have stronger albums? I mean, just because Isn't Anything isn't Loveless, it doesn't mean its not a great album and one of the best to come out in the 80's.

  5. yeah with some of them i felt it would be better just to represent their 70s work but some of the albums i just didnt feel like putting on the list, i dunno why,

    on a different note for some reason i am really digging this metal band called destroyer 666

  6. I can't tell you how pleased I am for the rapeman addition. Also the description is perfect!