Tuesday, July 14, 2009

generational terror, pt 2 - BrokeNCYDE

Yesterday's post was just an introduction- testing the waters, so to speak. While covering "Such Great Heights" with chugging guitars and screaming vocals is a terrible idea, it is at least understandable why a band would want to do that. What we examine next is something that I truly cannot comprehend.

I don't really know where to start analyzing this sort of mind-fuck. Musically, its horrendous (although the above track is significantly better than their most recent singles). Questions of sincerity, humor, sexuality and race are far harder to answer. How seriously are these guys playing it? Obviously there's a certain amount of humor here, but do they actually believe they've produced quality music, or is this a sort of joke they couldn't finish? A scheme to get laid that has taken on its own unnatural life? Don't they remember nu-metal? And why, for god's sake, is E-40 on their new single?!?

I have many, many more questions about this band, and what their existence says about today's society; but somethings are perhaps unknowable to the human mind. One point I would like to raise about this band, though, is the question of mothersagainstbrokencyde.net. This website highlights some pretty controversial facts about the band. And not just traditional anti-rock tropes, like accusations of promoting devil-worship or some vague sense of sexuality; rather, accusations of a more serious manner, of lyrics promoting rape and racial purity. And yet, the "mothers against brokeNCYDE" website is a bit too clean looking. A bit too appealing to the eye. The layout and font choice suggest a designer familiar with how to use the internet, post web 2.0. The idea of parents coming together to object to a single band, rather than "rock music" or "youth culture" or some great societal ill is also suspicious. Which all leads me to believe that the website is stealth marketing for the group- WHICH IS FUCKING INSANE. That would mean that the guys behind BrokeNCYDE are so aware of and committed to their own image that they would start rumors of racism and rape, about themselves, in order to raise their profile. That sort of post-meta-irony is the kind of shit that makes me feel like I have to lay down for awhile.


  1. i didn't realize this band had come out with other songs. eeesh. this mothers against brokencyde thing is pretty interesting. i think you're probably right about it being a fake campaign. crazy!

  2. wait what i meant to say . . .

    "to quote brokencyde.1,2 we're coming for you 3,4 lock your door 5,6 suck my dick, BROKENCYDE WILL NEVER DIE!!! they are basically saying, "we're coming for you", that they are coming for the people, you retards, who dont like their music, "lock your doors", saying that retards like you better run away and lock your doors because they will hunt you down, "suck my dick", they aren't going to give up and let you faggits win, because BROKENCYDE WILL NEVER DIE! so you know what fuck all you haters who are dis'in brokencyde if you dont like them then dont listen to them, we teenagers are going to listen to whatever the fuck we want to whether you retards like it or not. so... BACK THE FUCK OFF OF OUR MUSIC YOU INSEGNIFICANT, NON-UNDERSTANDING RETARDS!!! "


  3. its like a bizarre hall of mirrors, and behind every one is a member of brokencyde. like their audience is irrelevant because brokencyde is the alpha and omega, beginning and end, cause of and response to controversy.