Thursday, July 16, 2009

generational terror, pt 4 - hollywood undead

I thought I would spend today focusing on metal, but then I realized how truly god awful Hollywood Undead are and decided to give them the whole day. Jesus, my head already hurts. Its like Slipknot meets Crazytown! Buckcherry plus Necro! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk thiiiiiissssssssss.

I gave BrokeNCYDE shit for forgetting the lessons of nu-metal, but at least they incorporate some more recent cultural fads. This shit honestly could have come out ten years ago. I wish I could think of some more insightful things to say about this band, but after watching several of their music videos I feel kind of disconnected from reality. The world has become a hazy blur of tattoos and strippers.

Oh wait, did you think Hollywood Undead were only about getting drunk, trashing hotel rooms and fake tits? Wrong, how wrong you were! Here they show their sensitive side, their Linkin Park side.

"We are strong
But we don`t belong
Born in this world as it all falls apart"

Yeah, you tell it guys! Feel the childrens' pain!

"I hear the hate in all your words
All the words to make us hurt.
We get so sick oh so sick
We never wanted all this"

Yeah, who are those assholes with the hate in all of their words? Fuck them!!!!

"So my dick is in my hand when I respond to faggots talking shit,
Speaking of fags, already wrap with the drag,
We killed him and then we stuffed his body in the Cadillac."

Oh, right.

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