Monday, July 13, 2009

generational terror, pt 1

I've lately been fascinated with some of the more bizarre new manifestations of popular music, particularly acts that come from hardcore/screamo/metal scene. Five years ago I would have known all of the new bands and been following the new trends, but its gotten to the point now where some of these newer acts are genuinely shocking to me. I can't really process how these groups have come to be, and their existence seems like some kind of cosmic joke. A really, really funny cosmic joke. So this week I will be celebrating the new names and faces of this bold new world!! Tremble in fear, anyone over the age of 15!

I don't have too much to say about this particular video, other than I laughed pretty hard and I think its actually decent as a cover. This is a recurring theme among the new breed of screamo bands- a lot of them are actually pretty competent at what they do, it just happens that what they do is incredibly awful.


  1. oddly enough, it reminds me of refused, well maybe not odd, but funnily it does. oh and have you heard wold?

  2. yeah, wold is pretty fucked up! I haven't really spent too much time listening to them (him?) though.