Wednesday, April 8, 2009

gary war - new raytheonport (2008)

speaking of straight rip-offs, if this guy is different from Ariel Pink in any way, I'm not hearing it. I mean, he's less weird. but everything else is there, the lo-fi throwback pop etc. but that's ok with me. NYC can have their own Ariel Pink if they want. and I enjoy the album just fine. I wonder what critics think of this? I haven't checked around the web yet.

Gary War - Good Clues
Gary War - Please Don't Die


  1. less weird? this stuff is a little more damaged sounding than ariel pink to me. im a fan of both

  2. I'd say the songs follow a more consistent formula, and tend to be more straightforward than ariel pink's. but, I have recently been considering going back to this and re-reviewing it, because I like it more now than I did at the time.