Saturday, April 4, 2009

fuck yeah!

jim jarmusch's new score

jim jarmusch is a bro for sure. he already established his metal cred for his score of Broken Flowers which featured Sleep, the best goddamn metal band out of San Jose (i think???) ever, and also for the time he and John Lurie tried to lure a shark with cheese so that they could shoot it.

this, along with um.... Gummo? and this movie:

metal soundtracks are the shit!! what movies am I forgetting?


  1. dude i love fishing with john, i own that shit. also i heard about that soundtrack and it seems awesome, that movie sounds pretty interesting too. oh by the way i know i have mentioned this place to you before but you have to check out cd trader when you have the cash, it's on ventura blvd in the valley

    also check this place out also, kinda shitty but also have random amazing finds and cheap.

    these places are like a less specialized aquarius that nobody like us knows about

  2. cool, yeah I definitely have plans to go there, I just gotta get a job first.