Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wait what the hell

That's The Bronx, an LA based screamo/rock/punk/whatever band whose name I've seen a lot over the years, but who I've never bothered to check out. Based on the music video above, I don't really regret that decision. HOWEVER, it turns out they've just recorded a mariachi-influenced album called "Mariachi El Bronx"???

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this; on the one hand, this sort of cultural appropriation isn't really any more offensive than, say, Beirut, although there is the issue that Zach Condon steals from cultures thousands of miles from where he lives, whereas The Bronx (or El Bronx in this case) are aping the ethnic culture of their own city. The Bronx don't obviously seem to be playing this for the "LOL we're white playing mariachi!!" factor, either. And the song isn't so bad. So... uh.... cool, I guess?


  1. if they had any sense they would have realized that its way more punk to play norteña.

  2. this is interesting, as i recall their first album wasnt supposed to be that bad. this is a weird direction for them, but havent us bombs already kind of done this stuff years ago, it's still a little weird for the whole album to be a mariachi album. odd. i'll have to check it out, this has the "30 years from now it might be a lost weirdo classic" ya know