Monday, September 28, 2009

best of the 1990's: 1990-1995

Alright, so here is my witty rejoinder to Destroy-the-Scene's massive 90's list. Yet unlike DtS, I am not a sadist, so I have divided my list into two more digestible chunks. ALSO unlike certain other writers here, I know the RULES for making these lists, so only one release per artist, and no releases that were already listed by Sean. Let's do this!

death - spiritual healing (1990)
a classic death metal album

read the rest!

london posse - gangster chronicle (1990)
UK hip hop

nocturnus - the key (1990)
definitely the best death metal about time travel

obituary - cause of death (1990)
death metal. I saw a dude wearing a shirt with this on it, wandering up and down the same block of Mission street, like five times over the course of an hour

atheist - unquestionable presence (1991)
my favorite progressive death metal album!

confessor - condemned (1991)
progressive metal with exceptionally over-the-top vocals

hijack - the horns of jericho (1991)
political UK rap

my bloody valentine - loveless (1991)
one of my favorite albums ever! how did this not make your list, Sean?

pestilence - testimony of the ancients (1991)
dutch progressive death metal

von - satanic blood (1991)
the first american black metal, insanely lo-fi and primitive, from SF

big black - pigpile (1992)
I wouldn't normally count live albums in lists like these, but this was my introduction to big black so it gets a spot

dr. dre - the chronic (1992)
honestly I was kind of torn between this and chronic 2001, but I had to go with the original

ice cube - the predator (1992)
ice cube has a number of classic albums, but only one has "it was a good day" on it

ministry - psalm 69 (1992)

neurosis - souls at zero (1992)
oakland's heaviest

pungent stench - been caught buttering (1992)
disgusting austrian death metal

r.b.l. posse - a lesson to be learned (1992)
maybe the best SF rap album of all time, even just for "bammer weed"

cynic - focus (1993)
jazzy progressive death metal with bizarro vocoder vocals!!

sleep - sleep's holy mountain (1993)
the best sabbath-worship stoner metal album ever

snoop doggy dogg - doggystyle (1993)
if you don't love this, you have no soul

beastie boys - ill communication (1994)
what can I say, I got fond memories

darkthrone - transilvanian hunger (1994)
the best black metal album ever?!?

method man - tical (1994)
kind of uneven, but you can't really go wrong with any of the first-wave of wu-tang releases

slowdive - souvlaki (1994)
second only to MBV in the world of shoegaze, & one of my favorite albums ever

at the gates - slaughter of the soul (1995)
classic melodic death metal, launched the entire Gothenburg scene

dissection - storm of the light's bane (1995)
one of the best melodic death albums ever

dre dog - i hate you with a passion (1995)
classic bay area rap, incredibly dark and violent

E-40 - in a major way (1995)
more classic bay area rap

meshuggah - destroy erase improve (1995)
one of the best technical death metal bands' excellent debut

ol' dirty bastard - return to the 36 chambers (1995)

today is the day - willpower (1995)
unhinged trashy rock, before today is the day got way metal


  1. dude, where is limp BIZKIT?????!!!

  2. i came into this world as a reject
    look into these eyes,
    then you'll see the size of the flames
    dwelling on the past
    it's burning up my brain
    everyone that burns has to learn from the pain

  3. btw also LB weren't around in the first half of the 90's

  4. alright so here goes. first up albums that i retardedly didnt put on the list that you did: atheist and ministry.
    now albums that didnt make the cut that i considered: at the gates and ODB.
    and i just dont really love the my bloody valentine album(yes you can call me crazy)