Thursday, August 27, 2009

the 70's: 1975-1979, take 2

once again an excellent list from Destroy the Scene. So as not to double up on his list, I won't be including:

television - marquee moon
captain beefheart and the magic band - shiny beast
gang of four - entertainment!
joy division - unknown pleasures

but there are still a number of great albums left unmentioned! SO....

brian eno - another green world (1975)
my favorite eno album, the incredible robert fripp guitar solo in "st elmo's fire"

read the rest!

eroc - eroc (1975)

harmonia - deluxe (1975)

cluster - sowiesoso (1976)

selda - selda (1976)
worth it for yaz gazeteci yaz alone

thin lizzy - jailbreak (1976)
you know what it is

beach boys - love you (1977)
oh MAN this album is so good and simultaneously such a disaster! I'm definitely reviewing it in full soon!

dennis wilson - pacific ocean blue (1977)
totally heartbreaking!

fela kuti & afrika 70 - zombie (1977)
fela kuti lived an insane life and was also a great musician!

fleetwood mac - rumours (1977)
since "tusk" was already taken

goblin - zombi ost (1979)
funky and creepy!

the slits - cut (1979)
dunno how this didn't make Sean's list

this heat - this heat (1979)
good! not as good as their next album, but that came out in the 80's

wire - 154 (1979)
totally underrated! "a touching display" is heavy as HELL

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