Monday, August 24, 2009

the 70's: 1970-1974, take 2

alright, Mr. DTS has some flat-out classics on his list, which I will omit from mine... like!

Flower Travellin' Band - Satori
Dust - Hard Attack
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
King Crimson - Red

and some picks from bands that you will see on my list, although I just decided to roll with a different release from them. BUT I think you will find some GLARING omissions from Mr. DTS's (possibly racist) early 70's list. SUCH AS:

amon düül II - yeti (1970)
crazy hippies, prog folk, the drum break on "arcangel's thunderbird"

read the rest!

bruce haack - the electric lucifer (1970)
christian proto-electronic music?

lucifer's friend - lucifer's friend (1970)
killer hard rock

neil young - after the gold rush (1970)
this goofy canuck

can - tago mago (1971)
groovy krautrock jams

comus - first utterance (1971)
"freak folk"

david crosby - if only I could remember my name (1971)
I was surprised by how much I like this

karen dalton - in my own time (1971)
"something on your mind" ruins me

black sabbath - vol. 4 (1972)
one of the best albums ever!!

yes - fragile (1972)
yes are so bad asssss

iggy & the stooges - raw power (1973)
for a long time I thought this was the first stooges album, lol

red rhodes - velvet hammer in a cowboy band (1973)
virtually unknown + super chill psychedelic steel guitar playing

robert fripp & brian eno - (no pussyfooting) (1973)
two wankers wanking each other

kraftwerk - autobahn (1974)
Germany was apparantly a very cool place in the 70's

moolah - woe ye demons possessed (1974)
ambient/experimental/psychedelic, NWW list, me pretending to know more about music than I really do

tangerine dream - phaedra (1974)
analog synthesizers = best stoner music?


  1. i like the list, some stuff i have never heard which include: moolah, lucifer's friend(aside from one youtube video you showed me), red rhodes, no pussyfooting, and that david crosby album, all the other albums are pretty awesome and yeah some fall under the one album per artist, but i cant believe i fucking forgot bruce haack(it's because scott still has my copy)

  2. another you should check out if you like Bruce Haack is Mort Garson's the World Of Iz and also under his alias Lucifer and the album Black Mass. And also Mort Garson under his Signs Of The Zodiac alias.

  3. sounds good, I'll check that out!

  4. i actually bought that mort garson wozard of iz album and didnt really like it all that much, i liked the ideas and the new sounds for the time but it was a little too goofy for me

  5. moolah is great, I actually like Mort Garson's album black mass under his Lucifer alias, it is kind of like proto-acid techno mixed with synthesizer/silver apples psychedlia, and themed around weird sorcerer shit.