Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the speakers - en el maravilloso mundo de ingeson (1968)

released in 1968, this album by Colombian rock band The Speakers is psychedelic in the truest sense of the word- not only does it feature bizarre sounds, spoken words, a wide variety of instrumentation, and strange compositions, but the original pressing actually included a psychedelic mushroom glued to the gatefold (according to the last.fm review, anyway). its a very playful and funny record- humor was obvious a big part of what they were going for- and it sounds like some of the less serious 60's psych-prog bands like Gong. there's also a lot of baroque-pop in the sound, along the lines of the Kinks, and a lot of british-style folk music. its a very varied record, but it all works, and its a pretty entertaining listen.

The Speakers - Si La Guerra es un Buen Negocio, Invierte a Sus Hijos
The Speakers - NiƱos

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