Sunday, March 15, 2009

andrew w.k. - the japan covers (2008)

Andrew W.K. - Kiseki (GreeeeN Cover)
Andrew W.K. - Giroppon (Nezumi Senpai Cover)

Andrew W.K.
Manhattan, New York, USA
The Japan Covers (Universal Music Group)
RIYL: Meatloaf, J-Pop

I wouldn't thought of it, but in retrospect, this is pretty much the best idea ever. what's the only thing more upbeat and positive than Andrew W.K.? J-Pop! well, when it works, it works great. I've had Kiseki stuck in my head for weeks now. I can't escape it. it's too ridiculous, too happy, and amazingly over the top. it leads off the cd, but after that things get a little rougher. it's not that the other songs are bad, but the overwhemling positivity can get tiring. its the same feeling I get when i'm listening to death metal- eventually it gets too claustrophobic and I have to switch to something else for a while. but in small doses, this album is great, and showcases Andrew W.K.'s instrumental and production skill. I wonder if there are any famous guests on this- the people he brought in for the last Lee "Scratch" Perry album he produced were pretty funny.

Andrew W.K. - Kiseki (GreeeeN Cover)
Andrew W.K. - Giroppon (Nezumi Senpai Cover)

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  1. whoa dude, i had no idea this even existed and i am a pretty good fan of his, this looks promising as all hell, i really like the cover!