Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Raime - Raime EP (2010)

ah yes, the spirit of hallow'a eve is upon us. and what better way to celebrate than through some dark, semi-ambient electronic music?

the Raime EP is the debut of a group that are pretty new to the scene, but it's already pretty clear where they stand musically. their compositions are generally pretty cavernous in terms of the musical space they provide: vocals appearing and disappearing in and out of the background, drums pattering away in the distance, little lightning strikes of bass, and a consistent sub frequency to add some weight to it throughout it all. 'this foundry' is a slow-burner of a track and definitely possesses the kind of hypnotic quality that comes with repetition and minimalist tendencies. it all comes through to a pretty remarkable effect. definitely one of the top releases of the year thus far.

on Blackest Ever Black.

Raime - This Foundry by speedglueandmusic_raw3

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  1. what the f!!! i keep leaving comments and then they disappear. what i said, before, was "i like this! very sparse. the thunderstorm metaphor is very apt"