Monday, September 13, 2010

C V L T S - L V S T (2010)

(Entire album is available to download here)
RIYL: Zomes, Ducktails

This excellent debut EP from Lawrence, Kansas group C V L T S showcases a collection of low-key, lo-fi instrumental psychedelic tunes.  Opening track "Laminated Glass" sets the tone: what sounds like processed thumb piano (but is probably keyboard?) rises and falls, multiplying and looping and convalescing into a downpour of fuzzy tones.  The rest of the EP continues to be captivating while still demonstrating restraint; there is an appealing simplicity in the sparseness of these songs.  The New-Age-y "Radd Pitt" (oof) shimmers and drifts like bubbles underwater; closing track "Luck Surf", the longest on the EP, end things on a very melancholic & melodic note, slowly building and surging but never fully boiling over.  L V S T demonstrates that C V L T S have a talent for constructing simple yet moving and engaging songs.

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