Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Daft Punk-Random Access Memories(2013)

After 8 years since their last studio album(a dud) and 2 years after the TRON soundtrack(another dud) what do we get? Let me take a minute to break it down for you. Do you like Steely Dan? Do you like Chic? Do you like dollar bin disco and funk? Do you like music that should have been left and forgotten in the late 70s? Do you like music polished within an inch of it's life? Do you like late period Prince albums? Do you like cheesy R n B? Do you like pretentious spoken word over said cheesy disco and R n B? Down with Yacht Rock? Do you love Loggins and Messina? Do you like albums that sit at good will for years and years and are never sold for good reason? If you answered "yes" to any or all of these questions then congratulations! The new Daft Punk album is tailor-made for you! If you answered "no" to the above questions then I would suggest staying very far away from this album. This is schlock masquerading as "fun" music. This album is so cheesy it hurts in a not very nice way. Don't get me wrong I love cheesy stuff but this is like a bad soundtrack to a shitty romantic comedy about robots. They use too much vocoder, almost none of this album is electronic but the instruments are so polished you wouldn't really be able to tell anyway. There is very little soul on this album, there is plenty of "soul" though. Cues taken from the past to illicit emotion and to me it reeks of plastic. The guest vocals have absolutely zero personality, I mean when Pharrell is the best vocalist on an album with much greater vocalists there is something to be said, something horrible to be said. They flush Julian Casablancas right down the toilet. They smear Panda Bear's vocals all over their studio walls like a kid playing with his own shit. The sheer corniness of this album is insulting to the listener on many levels. This album is the exact opposite of what the Knife did a month ago. They both were coming from similar territory(electro pop). The Knife went intelligent. Daft Punk took it vapid and soulless. I guess they are in that camp that thinks Donald Fagen and Steely Dan are geniuses instead of the over polished smooth muzak studio musicians they really are. This is the album equivalent of a Keytar or one of those asshole fretless basses. If you are into this, by all means eat it up and dance to it but i'm sending mine back to the kitchen for a little more flavor, some more spice, hell I actually just want a brand new dish entirely. sorry guys but this one tastes like shit served on a gold platter with way too much PR and hype. NEXT!