Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hanni El Khatib-Will the Guns Come Out (2011)

Hanni El Khatib- Dead Wrong by davefranklin

Hanni El Khatib - "Build-Destroy-Rebuild" by brooklynvegan

Sad about the White Stripes breaking up? Even sadder that Dead Moon broke up in 2006? No need to fear Hanni El Khatib is here! If you need a nice shot of kick ass garage rock with a bit of a 50s twang then this is defintely not to be missed. It's like taking all those things mentioned and adding restraint where it is needed and letting the fuck loose when needed. These songs are not very complicated, they never needed to be. This is pure dirty, soulful classic rock n roll! This has punch and it is easily one of the most ass kicking debuts i have heard in years. Lyrically he is very direct, which perfectly matches the directness of the music. He curses when he needs to, cries when he wants to and lays down sick riff after sick riff, hell in the opening track he even throws down some weird ass experimental acapella shit. If you don't like this album you are probably dead downstairs. So far this is thee party record of 2011 and i hope to hear this blasting from peoples cars this fall(i know it wont happen). By some miracle I hope this guy takes off because he totally deserves it!

oh yeah and that cover art is fucking KILLER!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dirty Beaches-Badlands (2011)

What happens when you take rockabilly and boil it down to it's core? What happens if you add Elvis vocals to that kick ass Dymaxion album? What happens when you throw all that in a undersea canister and let it seep out slowly over time? Dirty Beaches is what you get. It's like the 50s on major amounts of opiates and it ends up coming out sounding like a lo-fi version of Suicide. Apparently this guy made this album for his parents because they weren't down with the weird stuff he was already doing. His parents were rockabilly parents in the 50s and 60s so he decided to put his own spin on the music they loved. This is the result. One of the best hangover albums I have ever heard. It is perfect for your brain if all your brain wants is to chill the fuck out. You don't have to put too much mental effort into enjoying this kind of thing but that's not to say it's dumb by any means. It just flows very well in a simplistic fashion, but I mean, an idiot isnt gonna sample Les Rallizes Dénudés anytime soon. So sit back and enjoy the wonderfully dark psychotic hangover sounds of Dirty Beaches and forget about your troubles.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Renaldo & The Loaf-The Elbow Is Taboo (1987)

So I have been noticing a nice trend in music from present to past. The trend in question is that of "brother bands" or "brother" bands. The first is a band with either brothers in it or the members are only brothers. The second is bands that pretend to be brothers. Some examples of the first one are The Sun City girls and The Frogs. Examples of the second are bands like Ween, Barnes and Barnes and these guys right here...Renaldo and the Loaf. Now the common thread between all these bands is, they are weird. Something about them is off, whether it be their lyrical content, their music, or both. In the case of Renaldo and the Loaf it's definitely both. The story of Renaldo and the Loaf goes as such; they were making a lot of lo-fi 4 track recordings in Bristol, which is in the south coast of England. After making a few singles they got noticed by none other than The Residents! They were immediately signed to Ralph Records the record label run by The Residents. They gained some notoriety for being just as weird as The Residents and their mission in the music world seemed to be to alienate as many people as possible. There is always an awkward feeling to every song they have ever made. Yes it is annoying, yes it is weird, yes it doesnt make sense and believe it or not these are all positives to their cause. This music is not made for mass consumption and in the process they made some groundbreaking strides in the evolution of music and this album in question is their final and probably best album.
This album distills early electronic music, hip hopish beats, world music, world tunings, childlike humor and dark disturbing lyrics(sometimes not even real words but more like a madeup language). The songs are consistent and you can hear tons of other bands in the cracks these guys have made. This music is fun, disturbing and very very smart. It sounds a bit childish in parts but its all part of their package. These guys carry my so called "brother band" aesthetic perfectly and I think this stems from(when its blood brothers) a mutual understanding of letting your guard down and just being as fucked up as possible, because, that other brother will always be there in case of rejection. The same goes for the "brother" bands, most of these bands seem so connected in a best friend kind of way that they really dont care at all what the outside world thinks about their music or it gives them the strength to confront the world with some truly out their ideas. To me this is great and I try to have this flow through everything I have done musically to varying degrees of success. Anyways this band is not to be ignored, missed forgotten. Keep their legacy alive and listen to this shit on a daily basis. Sure most of it's ridiculous, but isn't fuck it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Winter Family-Red Sugar (2011)

winter family - red sugar (album preview) by experimedia

Imagine for about an hour you are in some foreign land and you come across a temple/church/some type of place of worship. You are not religious. You are not searching for yourself. What is real is the organ music wafting through the front doors of this temple. It beckons you inside and when you walk inside you see people from all walks of life. no one turns their heads to greet you when you step inside. No ill will is found in this place. You take a seat and look forward just as a woman takes the pulpit and begins chanting in a language you cant recognize. This chanting and talking takes you out of the world and places you firmly in your seat in this darkened cathedral. Once that woman steps off the pulpit another woman takes her place. This time she is American and is telling a story of rape and self discovery. This doesnt depress you instead it fills you with a sense of your own purpose or something or other. Outside you can hear a political protest going on. It first starts civil then quickly devolves into a mob tearing at the walls and screaming for everyone inside to come out so they may either join or die. You have to make this choice. Not right now but soon.
Right now you are actually in your bedroom listening to Winter Family's Red Sugar and wondering where you went for the past hour hoping to get there once again and never again at the same time. Imagine if you will Nico fronting a peace rally in Israel. Then imagine it is the most uplifting and depressing thing you have heard all year. This is what great albums are made of.