Monday, April 25, 2011

Ponytail-Do Whatever You Want All the Time (2011)

01 Easy Peasy by deef deeferson
05 AwayWay by deef deeferson

Ancient Aliens, for those who haven't watched the history channel series, is a theory put forth by a select few in the scientific community that states that we(the planet) have been visited before by an ancient race or races not of this planet. It is said that these "aliens" came down and introduced the human population to mathematics, various forms of art, various forms of architecture and many other means of cultural and intellect expanding areas. Basically it's said we didnt learn any of this alone, hell we might have not even contributed up to that point.

So in short, aliens came down, shot our brains full of abstract and scientific thought. Byproducts of this would have been advancements in all sorts of areas including most likely religion. We interpreted what we learned from these beings and translated it through our still developing cultures to come to what we know as common society.

Now taking root in this theory i firmly believe that some of these thoguht provoking aliens are still here, and we have seen em. or at least i believe i have seen em or at least for the purpose of this review HEARD THEM!

a list of possible musical aliens:
Frank Zappa
Tim Buckley
Joe Meek
Bruce Haack
All 4 members of Kraftwerk
Richard D. James
EyE from the Boredoms
This Heat
Kool Keith
Lil B
Ariel Pink
(feel free to disagree with me or add some to the list i may have left off)

Which brings me to my final point and my review:
Even though they reside in Baltimore i truly believe the members of Ponytail are direct decendents or long living ancient aliens from either the Incan or Mayan "education" and have firmly grabbed the controls of their spaceship and crash landed on the East Coast and well folks they formed a band because their spaceship crashed and the parts are too damn expensive to make the trip back home, so they are bored, and they decided to make a few records, including this one, possibly their finest yet.

Four aliens collective Boredoms equals another simple earthling's pleasure
and the first band made up entirely of Ancient Aliens.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Panda Bear-Tomboy (2011)

05 Last Night At The Jetty by deef deeferson
04 Surfer's Hymn by deef deeferson

Oddly enough I don't have much to say about this album, I think it is pretty good right now, I think it will grow to be great. It is very understated, almost the complete opposite of Person Pitch, which isn't necessarily a good or bad thing. This record is just overall more sedate, perfect beach music, not beach party, just beach music. His melodies are as strong as ever since his voice is the main attraction here. He still is in great debt to the road Brian Wilson paved before him. His style isnt so much as a rip off but more of an extension of where Brian Wilson left off. The general consensus of this album is that of "meh" and i agree but i relish in the "meh" I like that he didn't create another colorful masterpiece. This is the album for self reflection, for chilling out and letting everything kind of melt away. It's an escapist album. It IS solid, it IS well thought out and this one is defintely a grower, so if you have this downloaded don't delete it, just let it seep into your brain and something will click.