Monday, May 10, 2010

Fred Frith-Gravity (1980)

03 Don t Cry For Me by destroy the scene
07 What a Dilemma by destroy the scene
10 Dancing in the Street My Enemy is a Bad Man by destroy the scene

A founding member of Henry Cow, a member of Art Bears, Massacre, and the Skeleton Crew. Worked on Brian Eno albums, guested on countless other projects including being a member of Naked City with Bill laswell and John Zorn. In 1980 he made this, his second solo album. The first half of the album was made with members of Aksak Maboul and Samla Mammas Manna, two of the craziest out their 70s prog bands from Europe. The second half of the album was recorded with the Muffins, a new york hard jazz/rock/experimental band.

Apparently Frith's idea was to take different forms of dance music from all over the world and breathe new life into their styles with his own often aggressive style creating an out there yet at times accessible world fusion album.

how does it sound? it sounds like the result of a thousand influences to come before and after it. you definately hear old world sounds like gypsy music, lots of traditional Indian and Turkish music, lots of folk influence and tons of African percussion being worked in throughout. You also hear tons of distortion and pedal work going on, lots of experimental modern studio techniques. To me the album predates all of the current world obsessed indie bands(the decent ones) i hear a lot of animal collective, one song sounds like it could easily be Battles in a lighter mood and one song predates the early 00s new york noise boom(liars, ex models). a lot of this sounds like yes and king crimson as well. little zappa in there too.

even though this was made in 1980 it doesnt sound dated at all. the production techniques were so ahead of their time it feels like the rest of the world just caught up in the past few years. i highly recommend this to any fan of jazz, experimental rock, and prog. it's all instrumental and there is a ridiculous cover of dancing in the street you have to hear to believe.