Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The 225 Best Noise Rock Albums Of All Time

What is noise rock? Noise rock is music that doesn't like you. It doesn't care to be liked. It is ugly. It is loud. It is dirty. The lyrics are usually disturbing, focusing on the dark aspects of life. The artwork is usually equally as messed up. When the artwork isn't dark and disturbing it's usually ironically cute. This music is warped and has a very narrow yet dedicated audience. This is what happened when musicians focused on the ugly side of punk rock, did away with most of it's politics and focused on the evil in life. This stuff isn't pretty at all. It's closer to metal and even jazz at some points than it is to traditional rock, yet most of these bands still had a firm hand in the dirtiest of rock n roll. These bands weren't afraid to get their hands dirty. They weren't afraid to destroy eardrums either. This is some of the most physical and cathartic music you will ever hear. This was rock music that was not afraid to get outside it's comfort zone to embrace all manner of musical techniques from across the musical landscape. By doing so, this alienated them, usually, from wider audiences. They did not care. You were either on board or nowhere near this stuff. This is not for background listening. Not for the casual fan. You either love noise rock or you most likely hate it. For those that are curious enough and for those that already are part of the club, this list is for you!

Special help with this list was provided by Mark Taylor, quite a few albums on here were his picks, but I won't tell you which!

The 1960s

The Velvet Underground-White Light/White Heat(Verve-1968)

The 1970s

Debris'-Static Disposal(Static Disposal-1976)

Chrome-Alien Soundtracks(Siren-1977)

Suicide-Self Titled(Red Star-1977)

Chrome-Half Machine Lip Moves(Siren-1979)

The Contortions-Buy(ZE-1979)

Swell Maps-A Trip To Marineville(Rather/Rough Trade-1979)

The 1980s

1/2 Japanese-1/2 Gentlmen 1/2 Beasts(Armageddon-1980)

Swell Maps-In "Jane From Occupied Europe"(Rather/Rough Trade-1980)

The Birthday Party-Prayers On Fire(Missing Link-1981)

Glenn Branca-The Ascension(99 Records-1981)

Massacre-Killing Time(Celluloid-1981)

Wipers-Youth Of America(Park Avenue-1981)

The Birthday Party-Junkyard(Missing Link-1982)

Chrome-3rd From The Sun(Siren-1982)


Mission Of Burma-Vs.(Ace Of Hearts-1982)

No Trend-Too Many Humans.....(No Trend-1983)

Sonic Youth-Confusion Is Sex(Neutral-1983)


Butthole Surfers-Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac(Touch And Go-1984)

Flipper-Gone Fishin'(Subterranean-1984)

High Rise-Psychedelic Speed Freaks(P.S.F.-1984)

Husker Du-Zen Arcade(SST-1984)

Feedtime-Self Titled(Self Released-1985)

Sonic Youth-Bad Moon Rising(Blast First/Homestead-1985)

Big Black-Atomizer(Homestead-1986)

Butthole Surfers-Rembrandt Pussyhorse(Touch And Go-1986)

High Rise-II(P.S.F.-1986)

Last Exit-Self Titled(Enemy-1986)

Pussy Galore-Exile On Main Street(Shove-1986)

Sonic Youth-Evol(SST-1986)

Big Black-Songs About Fucking(Touch And Go-1987)

Blind Idiot God-Self Titled(SST-1987)

Butthole Surfers-Locust Abortion Technician(Touch And Go-1987)

Dinosaur Jr.-You're Living All Over Me(SST-1987)

Drunks With Guns-Self Titled(Chopper-1987)

Killdozer-Little Baby Buntin'(Touch And Go-1987)

No Trend-Tritonian Nash Vegas Polyester Complex(Touch And Go-1987)

Pussy Galore-Right Now!(Caroline-1987)

Ramleh-Hole In The Heart(Broken Flag-1987)

Skeptics-III(Flying Nun-1987)

Sonic Youth-Sister(SST-1987)

White Zombie-Soulcrusher(Silent Explosion-1987)

Bailter Space-Tanker(Flying Nun-1988)

Boredoms-Onanie Bomb Meets The Sex Pistols(Selfish-1988)

Butthole Surfers-Hairway To Steven(Touch And Go-1988)

Dinosaur Jr.-Bug(SST-1988)

Pixies-Surfer Rosa(4AD-1988)

Rapeman-Two Nuns And A Pack Mule(Touch And Go-1988)

Sonic Youth-Daydream Nation(Enimgma/Blast First-1988)

Axemen-Scary! Pt. III(Siltbreeze-1989)

Bastro-Diablo Guapo(Homestead-1989)

Boredoms-Soul Discharge(Selfish-1989)

Feedtime-Suction(Rough Trade-1989)


God Bullies-Mama Womb Womb(Amphetamine Reptile-1989)

Helios Creed-Superior Catholic Finger(Subterranean-1989)

Killdozer-Twelve Point Buck(Touch And Go-1989)

Nirvana-Bleach(Sub Pop-1989)

Pussy Galore-Dial M For Motherfucker(Product Inc.-1989)

Slint-Tweez(Jennifer Hartman-1989)

White Zombie-Make Them Die Slowly(Caroline-1989)

The 1990s

Bastro-Sing The Troubled Beast(Homestead-1990)

Cop Shoot Cop-Consumer Revolt(Circuit-1990)

The Dead C-Trapdoor Fucking Exit(Precious Metal-1990)

Drunks With Guns-Second Versus(Intellectual Convulsion-1990)

God Bullies-Dog Show(Amphetamine Reptile-1990)

Naked City-Torture Garden(Shimmy Disc-1990)

Royal Trux-Twin Infinitives(Drag City-1990)

Sonic Youth-Goo(DGC-1990)

Starfuckers-Metallic Diseases(Electric Eye-1990)

Ween-God Ween Satan: The Oneness(Twin/Tone-1990)


The Jesus Lizard-Goat(Touch And Go-1991)


Mercury Rev-Yerself Is Steam(Mint Films-1991)

Ween-The Pod(Shimmy Disc-1991)

Bikini Kill-Pussy Whipped(Kill Rock Stars-1992)

Boredoms-Pop Tatari(WEA Japan-1992)

Cows-Cunning Stunts(Amphetamine Reptile-1992)

The Dead C-Harsh 70s Reality(Siltbreeze-1992)

Distorted Pony-Punishment Room(BOMP!-1992)

Drive Like Jehu-Self Titled(Headhunter-1992)

Helios Creed-Kiss To The Brain(Amphetamine Reptile-1992)

The Jesus Lizard-Liar(Touch And Go-1992)

Liquorball-Fucks The Sky(Blackjack-1992)

Pavement-Slanted And Enchanted(Matador-1992)

Skullflower-IIIrd Gatekeeper(hEADdIRT/Permis De Construire Deutschland-1992)

Sonic Youth-Dirty(DGC-1992)

The Terminals-Touch(Raffmond/Sound & Fury-1992)

Cop Shoot Cop-Ask Questions Later(Interscope-1993)

Cows-Sexy Pee Story(Amphetamine Reptile-1993)

Craw-Self Titled(Choke-1993)

Th'Faith Healers-Imaginary Friend(Too Pure-1993)

Fugazi-In On The Kill Taker(Dischord-1993)

Harry Pussy-S/T(Siltbreeze-1993)

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-Extra Width(Matador-1993)

Lubricated Goat-Psychedelicatessan(Amphetamine Reptile-1993)

Melvins-Houdini(Amphetamine Reptile-1993)

Nirvana-In Utero(DGC/Sub Pop-1993)

Pain Teens-Destroy Me, Lover(Trance Syndicate-1993)

Truman's Water-Spasm Smash XXXOXoX Ox & Ass(Elemental-1993)

Unsane-Total Destruction(City Slang-1993)

Boredoms-Chocolate Synthesizer(WEA Japan-1994)

Brainiac-Bonsai Superstar(Grass-1994)

Cherubs-Heroin Man(Trance Syndicate-1994)

Circle-Meronia(Bad Vugum-1994)

Craw-Lost Nation Road(Choke-1994)

Dazzling Killmen-Face Of Collapse(Skin Graft-1994)

Drive Like Jehu-Yank Crime(Interscope-1994)

Hammerhead-Into The Vortex(Amphetamine Reptile-1994)

Melvins-Stoner Witch(Atlantic-1994)

Shellac-At Action Park(Touch And Go-1994)

Today Is The Day-Willpower(Amphetamine Reptile-1994)

Unwound-New Plastic Ideas(Kill Rock Stars-1994)

Bardo Pond-Bufo Alvarius(Drunken Fish-1995)

Country Teasers-The Pastoral, Not Rustic, World Of Their Greatest Hits(Crypt-1995)

Fugazi-Red Medicine(Dischord-1995)

Man Is The Bastard-Thoughtless...(Gravity-1995)

Ramleh-Be Careful What You Wish For(Sympathy For The Record Industry-1995)

Skullflower-Infinity Land(hEADdIRT/Permis De Construire Deutschland-1995)

Surface of the Earth-S/T(World Resources-1995)

Unsane-Scattered, Smothered & Covered(Amphetamine Reptile-1995)

U.S. Maple-Long Hair In Three Stages(Skin Graft-1995)

Bardo Pond-Amanita(Matador-1996)

Brainiac-Hissing Prigs In Static Couture(Touch And Go-1996)

Country Teasers-Satan Is Real Again(Or Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts)(Crypt-1996)

Harvey Milk-Courtesy And Goodwill Toward Men(Reproductive-1996)

Mainliner-Mellow Out(Charnal Music-1996)


Monoshock-Walk To The Fire(Blackjack-1996)

Oxbow-Serenade In Red(SST-1996)

Unwound-Repetition(Kill Rock Stars-1996)

Z Rock Hawaii-Self Titled(Nipp Guitar-1996)

Fuckemos-Celebration(Man's Ruin-1997)

Karp-Self Titled(K-1997)

Lake Of Dracula-Self Titled(Skin Graft-1997)

Laddio Bolocko-Strange Warmings Of Laddio Bolocko(Hungarian-1997)

The Monorchid-Let Them Eat The Monorchid(Simple Machines/Dischord-1997)

Boredoms-Super AE(WEA Japan/A.K.A.-1998)

Royal Trux-Accelerator(Drag City-1998)

Boredoms-Vision Creation Newsun(WEA Japan/A.K.A.-1999)

Brainbombs-Urge To Kill(Load-1999)

Skull Kontrol-Deviate Beyond All Means Of Capture(Touch And Go-1999)


Shellac-1000 Hurts(Touch And Go-2000)

XBXRX-Gop Ist Minee(Tapes-2000)

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Pariso U.F.O.-New Geocentric World of Acid Mothers Temple(Squealer-2001)

Liars-They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top(Blast First-2001)

Lightning Bolt-Ride The Skies(Load-2001)

Blood Brothers-Burn, Piano Island, Burn(Artist Direct-2002)

Comets On Fire-Field Recordings From The Sun(Ba Da Bing!-2002)

Country Teasers-Science Hat Artistic Cube Moral Nosebleed Empire(In The Red-2002)

Deerhoof-Reville(Kill Rock Stars/5 Rue Christine-2002)

The Heads-At Last...(Sweet Nothing-2002)

Les Rallizes Denudes-Heavier Than A Death In The Family(Phoenix-2002)

Mclusky-Do Dallas(Too Pure-2002)

(((Microwaves)))-System 2(Cenotaph/Version City-2002)

Racebannon-In The Grips Of The Light(Level Plane-2002)

Animal Collective-Here Comes The Indian(Paw Tracks-2003)

Black Eyes-Self Titled(Dischord-2003)

Coachwhips-Bangers Vs. Fuckers(Narnack-2003)

Deerhoof-Apple O(Kill Rock Stars/5 Rue Christine-2003)

Double Leopards-Halve Maen(Eclipse-2003)

Ex Models-Zoo Psychology(Frenchkiss-2003)

Liars-They Were Wrong, So We Drowned(Mute-2003)

Lightning Bolt-Wonderful Rainbow(Load-2003)

Melt Banana-Cell Scape(A-Zap-2003)

Whirlwind Heat-Do Rabbits Wonder?(XL-2003)

Black Eyes-Cough(Dischord-2004)

Comets On Fire-Blue Cathedral(Sub Pop-2004)

Deerhoof-Milk Man(Free Porcupine Society-2004)

Flying Luttenbachers-The Void(Troubleman Unlimited-2004)

Magik Markers-I Trust My Guitar, Etc(Ecstatic Peace/Apostasy-2004)

Mclusky-The Difference Between Me And You Is That I'm Not On Fire(Too Pure-2004)

Wolf Eyes-Burned Mind(Sub Pop-2004)


Coachwhips-Peanut Butter And Jelly Live At The Ginger Minge(Narnack-2005)

Liars-Drum's Not Dead(Mute-2005)

Pissed Jeans-Shallow(Parts Unknown-2005)

Psychic Paramount-Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural(No Quarter-2005)

Sleater Kinney-The Woods(Sub Pop-2005)

Daughters-Hell Songs(Hydra Head-2006)

Flying Luttenbachers-Cataclysm(ugEXPLODE-2006)

Harvey Milk-Special Wishes(Troubleman Unlimited-2006)

Mouthus-The Long Salt(Important-2006)

The Seconds-Kratitude(5 Rue Christine-2006)

Clockcleaner-Babylon Rules(Load-2007)

The Flying Luttenbachers-Incarceration By Abstraction(ugEXPLODE-2007)

Les Rallizes Denudes-溺れる飛べない鳥は水羽が必要 (Yodo-Go-A-Go-Go)(10th Avenue Freezeout-2007)

Pissed Jeans-Hope For Men(Sub Pop-2007)

Qui-Love's Miracle(Ipecac-2007)

Sightings-Through The Panama(Load-2007)

Marnie Stern-In Advance Of The Broken Arm(Kill Rock Stars-2007)

Astrobrite-One Hit Wonder(Vinyl Junkie-2008)

Billy Bao-Dialectics Of Shit(Parts Unknown-2008)

Gunslingers-No More Invention(World In Sound-2008)

Harvey Milk-Life...The Best Game In Town(Hydra Head-2008)

The Hospitals-Hairdryer Peace(Self Released-2008)

Ponytail-Ice Cream Spiritual(We Are Free-2008)

Women-Self Titled(Jagjaguwar-2008)

Pissed Jeans-King Of Jeans(Sub Pop-2009)



Acid Eater-Black Fuzz On Wheels(Time Bomb-2010)

Arabrot-Revenge(Fysisk Format-2010)

Skullflower-Strange Keys To Untune God's Firmament(Neurot-2010)

Zach Hill-Face Tat(Sargent House-2010)

Sightings-City Of Straw(Brah-2010)

Sleigh Bells-Treats(Mom + Pop/N.E.E.T.-2010)

The Men-Leave Home(Sacred Bones-2011)

Ponytail-Do Whatever You Want All The Time(We Are Free-2011)

Psychic Paramount-II(No Quarter-2011)

Rabbits-Lower Forms(Relapse-2011)

Nu Sensae-Sundowning(Suicide Squeeze-2012)

Pissed Jeans-Honeys(Sub Pop-2013)

Big Ups-Eighteen Years Of Static(Dead Labour-2014)

Girl Band-Holding Hands With Jamie(Rough Trade-2015)

Lightning Bolt-Fantasy Empire(Thrill Jockey-2015)

Metz-2(Sub Pop-2015)

The Drones-Feelin' Kinda Free(Tropical Fuck Storm-2016)

So Pitted-Neo(Sub Pop-2016)

Yak-Alas Salvation(Octopus-2016)


Pissed Jeans-Why Love Now?(Sub Pop-2017)

Stabscotch-Uncanny Valley(Visual Disturbances-2017)