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The Best Albums Of The 1970s-Part 5 Out Of 10: 1974

Hello and welcome everyone to the 10 part series: The best albums of the 1970s! These right are the best albums of 1974!

There were a lot of groundbreaking things happening in the 70s. Funk and Soul were stretching out and embracing psychedelic tendencies in equal measure with socio-political themes. Rock was getting harder and harder and metal was right around the corner due to a large number of these harder edged rock bands(Zeppelin, Sabbath and the handful of excellent proto-punk and proto-metal bands). Electronic music was starting to peek it's head into the mainstream and coming out from under the extreme underground and intellectual circles. This era gave birth to some of our most creative icons who would go onto last multiple decades. So dig in, see what the 70s has to offer!

1. Big Star-Radio City(Ardent)

Genre: Power Pop, Pop Rock

2. King Crimson-Red/Starless And Bible Black(Island)

Genre: Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Jazz Rock, Hard Rock, Free Improvisation, Avant Prog

3. Sparks-Kimono My House/Propaganda(Island)

Genre: Glam Rock, Pop Rock, Art Pop, Vaudeville

4. Brian Eno-Here Come The Warm Jets/Taking Tiger Mountain(By Strategy)(Island)

Genre: Art Rock, Experimental Rock, Glam Rock, Art Pop

5. Cockney Rebel-The Psychomodo(EMI)

Genre: Glam Rock, Art Rock, Baroque Pop

6. The Residents-Meet The Residents(Ralph)

Genre: Experimental, Tape Music, Musical Parody, Zolo, Musique Concrete

7. Nico-The End...(Island)

Genre: Avant Folk, Drone, Dark Ambient

8. Augustus Pablo-This Is Augustus Pablo(Kaya)

Genre: Dub, Reggae

9. Area-Caution Radiation Area(Cramps)

Genre: Avant Prog, Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock

10. Kraftwerk-Autobahn(Phillips)

Genre: Progressive Electronic, Electronic, Krautrock, Ambient, Berlin School

11. Peter Grudzien-Album No. 1(In Two Sides)-The Unicorn(Self Released)

Genre: Psychedelic Folk, Progressive Country, Spoken Word, Bluegrass

12. Magical Power Mako-Magical Power(Polydor)

Genre: Avant Prog, Experimental Rock, Art Rock, Psychedelic Rock

13. Keith Hudson & Family Man-Pick A Dub(Mamba)

Genre: Dub

14. Harmonia-Musik Von Harmonia(Brain)

Genre: Krautrock, Progressive Electronic, Ambient

15. King Tubby-Dub From The Roots(Total Sounds)

Genre: Dub

16. The Cosmic Jokers-Self Titled(Kosmische Musik)

Genre: Krautrock, Jam Band, Space Rock, Ambient

17. Randy Newman-Good Old Boys(Reprise)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Satire, Ragtime, Baroque Pop, New Orleans R&B

18. Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family-My Ancestors(Chris Editions)

Genre: Zamrock, Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Psych

19. Neil Young-On The Beach(Reprise)

Genre: Folk Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Country Rock, Blues Rock

20. John Coltrane-Interstellar Space(ABC/Impulse!)

Genre: Free Jazz

21. Dadawah-Peace And Love(Wild Flower)

Genre: Nyahbinghi, Roots Reggae

22. Dreamies-Auralgraphic Entertainment(Stone Theatre Productions)

Genre: Sound Collage, Electronic, Psychedelic Rock, Drone

23. Shuggie Otis-Inspiration Information(Epic)

Genre: Psychedelic Soul, Funk, Pop Soul

24. Gram Parsons-Grievous Angel(Reprise)

Genre: Country Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Country

25. Cluster-Zuckerzeit(Brain)

Genre: Krautrock, Electronic, Ambient

26. Mcdonald & Sherby-Catharsis(Omniscient)

Genre: Acid Rock, Jam Band, Progressive Rock

27. Dolly Parton-Jolene(RCA Victor)

Genre: Nashville Sound, Country, Country Pop

28. Peter Hammill-In Camera/The Silent Corner And The Empty Stage(Charisma)

Genre: Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Avant Prog, Singer/Songwriter, Experimental Rock

29. Jade Warrior-Floating World(Island)

Genre: Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock

30. Supertramp-Crime Of The Century(A&M)

Genre: Art Rock, Progressive Rock, Pop Rock

31. Leonard Cohen-New Skin For The Old Ceremony(Columbia)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Chamber Folk

32. Tangerine Dream-Phaedra(Virgin)

Genre: Berlin School, Progressive Electronic, Ambient

33. Electric Light Orchestra-Eldorado(United Artists)

Genre: Art Rock, Symphonic Prog, Symphonic Rock, Progressive Pop, Classical Crossover

34. Henry Cow-Unrest(Virgin)

Genre: Rock In Opposition, Avant Prog, Avant Garde Jazz, Free Improvisation, Canterbury Scene, Modern Classical

35. 10cc-Sheet Music(UK)

Genre: Art Pop, Pop Rock, Progressive Pop

36. Stepson-Self Titled(ABC)

Genre: Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Heavy Psyche, Boogie Rock

37. Lucio Battisti-Anima Latina(Numero Uno)

Genre: Progressive Pop, Psychedelic Pop, Art Pop, Psychedelic Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Art Rock

38. OHO-Okinawa(Self Released)

Genre: Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock

39. Gong-You(Virgin)

Genre: Space Rock, Canterbury Scene, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Jazz Rock

40. Betty Davis-They Say I'm Different(Just Sunshine)

Genre: Funk, Funk Rock

41. Richard & Linda Thompson-I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight(Island)

Genre: British Folk Rock, Contemporary Folk, Singer/Songwriter

42. Gryphon-Red Queen To Gryphon Three(Transatlantic)

Genre: Progressive Folk, Progressive Rock, Symphonic Prog, Neo Medieval Folk

43. Todd Rundgren's Utopia-Self Titled(Bearsville)

Genre: Progressive Rock, Space Rock, Hard Rock

44. Slapp Happy-Self Titled(Virgin)

Genre: Art Pop, Progressive Pop, Cabaret, Avant Prog, Soft Rock, Baroque Pop

45. Gift-Blue Apple(Nova)

Genre: Hard Rock, Krautrock, Progressive Rock

46. Genesis-The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway(Charisma)

Genre: Progressive Rock, Rock Opera, Symphonic Prog

47. Arnaldo Baptista-Loki?(Phillips)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Progressive Pop, Piano Rock, Psychedelic Pop

48. Renaissance-Turn Of The Cards(BTM)

Genre: Symphonic Prog, Progressive Rock, Progressive Folk

49. Grobschnitt-Ballermann(Brain)

Genre: Progressive Rock, Krautrock

50. Ya Ho Wa 13-I'm Gonna Take You Home(Higher Key)

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Free Improvisation, Acid Rock

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