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The 65 best Britpop albums(A response to Pitchfork)

To be honest in a lot of ways Britpop was one of the most annoying flash in the pan genres to grace the musical landscape. With that being said, there are more than a handful of masterpiece albums to come out of this genre. I would say the first 35 albums on this list fall in that category or at the very least are close to masterpiece status. The rest of the albums on the list are either decent or in some way important enough to make the list. A lot of the music being made in this genre at the time suffered from an extreme one track mind approach to the music making. There were countless numbers of copycats. Also the album art, for the most part, was god awful. Much like the grunge scene or alternative rock boom in the US in the early to mid 90s. Bands with little talent getting vaulted to stratospheric levels of fame or promotion only to see their one album fail fantastically upon arrival. In terms of the originators of the genre, this is where the real meat and potatoes of the scene are. The great albums from this time period took rock and roll and imbued it with a great sense of "Englishness". These bands and albums borrowed a lot from the British Invasion wave of bands such as The Who, The Beatles and most importantly The Kinks. You can hear a lot of what the Davies brothers were doing in the 60s and 70s in these tracks. The best bands from this genre pulled together slight influences from all across the musical map. The worst bands didn't and ended up copying the most generic sounds from the forefathers of the Genre. So in short, proceed with caution my friends. You will encounter a lot of cheese, a lot of corniness but you also might just pick up a few favorite albums to add to your greatest albums of all time lists!

Sidenote: I am including the other genres these albums touch upon to give you all a slightly easier way of navigating through this behemoth of a list.

1. The La's-Self TItled(Go! Discs)

Genre: Britpop, Jangle Pop, Power Pop, Indie Pop

2. Supergrass-In It For The Money(Parlophone)

Genre: Britpop, Power Pop

3. Pulp-Different Class(Island)

Genre: Britpop

4. Blur-Parklife(Food)

Genre: Britpop

5. Clearlake-Cedars(Domino/Dusty Company)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Rock

6. Elastica-Self Titled(Deceptive)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Rock, Punk Rock

7. Ocean Colour Scene-Moseley Shoals(MCA)

Genre: Britpop, Alternative Rock, Neo Psychedelia, Mod Revival

8. Supergrass-I Should Coco(Parlophone)

Genre: Britpop, Power Pop

9. Suede-Dog Man Star(Nude)

Genre: Britpop, Glam Rock

10. The Auteurs-After Murder Park(Hut)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Rock

11. Cornershop-When I Was Born For The 7th Time(Wiiija)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Rock, Indietronica, Indie Pop, Turntablism, South Asian Music, Trip Hop, Beat Poetry, Raga Rock

12.The Divine Comedy-Casanova(Setanta)

Genre: Britpop, Chamber Pop, Baroque Pop, Art Pop

13. Blur-Self Titled(Food/EMI)

Genre: Britpop, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, LO-FI

14. Lupine Howl-The Bar At The End Of The World(Beggars Banquet)

Genre: Britpop, Psychedelic Rock, Alternative Rock, Neo Psychedelia, Space Rock

15. Black Box Recorder-England Made Me(Chrysalis)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Pop, Twee Pop

16. The Verve-A Storm In Heaven(Hut)

Genre: Britpop, Shoegaze, Neo Psychedelia, Dream Pop, Space Rock

17. The Electric Soft Parade-Holes In The Wall(DB)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Rock, Power Pop, Neo Psychedelia

18. Catatonia-International Velvet(Blanco Y Negro)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

19. Pulp-His 'n' Hers(Island)

Genre: Britpop, Synthpop, New Wave

20. Jack-Pioneer Soundtracks(Too Pure)

Genre: Britpop, Chamber Pop

21. The Verve-A Northern Soul(Hut/Virgin)

Genre: Britpop, Neo Psychedelia, Shoegaze, Space Rock

22. Earl Brutus-Tonight You Are The Special One(Fruition/Island)

Genre: Britpop, Neo Psychedelia, Glam Rock, Indie Rock, Space Rock

23. Alfie-A Word In Your Ear(Twisted Nerve)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Pop

24. Lush-Lovelife(4AD)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Pop, Dream Pop, Shoegaze

25. Denim-Back In Denim(Boy's Own)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Pop, Glam Rock, Power Pop

26. Clearlake-Lido(Dusty Company/Domino)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Rock

27. Geneva-Further(Nude)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, Chamber Pop, Jangle Pop

28. Strangelove-Time For The Rest Of Your Life(Food)

Genre: Britpop

29. The Auteurs-New Wave(Hut)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Pop, Glam Rock, Jangle Pop

30. Silver Sun-Self titled(Polydor)

Genre: Britpop, Power Pop

31. Animals That Swim-Workshy(Elemental)

Genre: Britpop, Jangle Pop, Indie Pop

32. Strangelove-Love And Other Demons(Food/EMI)

Genre: Britpop, Glam Rock, Chamber Pop

33. Puressence-Only Forever(Island)

Genre: Britpop, Alternative Rock

34. The Afternoons-The Days We Found In The Sun(FF Vinyl)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Pop, Indie Rock

35. The Auteurs-Now I'm A Cowboy(Hut/Virgin)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Rock, Glam Rock

36. Suede-Self Titled(Nude)

Genre: Britpop, Glam Rock

37. Blur-Modern Life Is Rubbish(Food)

Genre: Britpop, Power Pop

38. Shack-H.M.S. Fable(London/Laurel)

Genre: Britpop, Pop Rock, Jangle Pop

39. Ultrasound-Everything Picture(Nude)

Genre: Britpop, Neo Psychedelia, Indie Rock, Glam Rock, Progressive Rock

40. Ash-1977(Infectious/Edel)

Genre: Britpop, Power Pop, Pop Punk, Alternative Rock, Noise Pop

41. Space-Spiders(Gut)

Genre: Britpop, Alternative Dance, Neo Psychedelia, Trip Hop

42. Super Furry Animals-Radiator(Creation)

Genre: Britpop, Neo Psychedelia, Alternative Rock, Electronic

43. Cast-All Change(Polydor)

Genre: Britpop, Power Pop

44. Edwyn Collins-Gorgeous George(Setanta)

Genre: Britpop, Pop Rock, Indie Pop, Folk Pop, Sophisti-Pop, Alternative Rock

45. Sleeper-The It Girl(Indolent)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Pop, Power Pop, Indie Rock

46. Boo Radleys-Giant Steps(Creation)

Genre: Britpop, Neo Psychedelia, Indie Rock, Shoegaze, Dream Pop

47. Hefner-Breaking God's Heart(Too Pure)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Pop

48. Echobelly-Everyone's Got One(Fauve/Rhythm King)

Genre: Britpop, Power Pop

49. Blur-The Great Escape(Food/Parlophone)

Genre: Britpop

50. Oasis-Definitely Maybe(Creation)

Genre: Britpop, Alternative Rock

51. Manic Street Preachers-Everything Must Go(Epic)

Genre: Britpop, Alternative Rock

52. Mansun-Attack Of The Grey Lantern(Parlophone)

Genre: Britpop, Alternative Rock, Neo Psychedelia

53. The Verve-Urban Hymns(Hut/Virgin)

Genre: Britpop, Neo Psychedelia, Chamber Pop, Pop Rock

54. Suede-Coming Up(Nude)

Genre: Britpop, Glam Rock

55. Oasis-(What's The Story) Morning Glory?(Creation)

Genre: Britpop, Alternative Rock

56. Gene-Olympian(Costermonger)

Genre: Britpop

57. Kula Shaker-K(Columbia)

Genre: Britpop, Neo Psychedelia, Raga Rock, Psychedelic Rock

58. Ocean Colour Scene-Marchin' Already(MCA)

Genre: Britpop, Mod Revival

59. Longpigs-The Sun Is Often Out(Mother)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Rock

60. The Charlatans-Tellin' Stories(Beggars Banquet)

Genre: Britpop, Baggy/Madchester

61. Black Grape-It's Great When You're Straight...Yeah!(Radioactive)

Genre: Britpop, Alternative Dance, Baggy/Madchester

62. Shed Seven-Change Giver(Polydor)

Genre: Britpop, Power Pop

63. Embrace-The Good Will Out(Hut/Virgin/Mobetta)

Genre: Britpop, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

64. Echobelly-On(Rhythm King)

Genre: Britpop, Power Pop, Alternative Rock, Jangle Pop

65. Hurricane #1-Self Titled(Creation)

Genre: Britpop

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