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The Best Albums Of The 1980s-Part 7 Out Of 10: 1986

Hello and welcome everyone to the 10 part series: The best albums of the 1980s! This right here is the best albums of 1986!

There were a lot of groundbreaking things happening in the 80s. Hip Hop solidified it's place in the music landscape as did electronic music. Both genres ended up touching the mainstream in ways no one in the 80s could have ever imagined. The early 80s was where punk really started getting interesting by incorporating all sorts of musical styles to give birth to a dozen micro genres that still stand up to this day. Countless classic albums were made during this tumultuous decade and each one should be considered in the running for greatest albums of any decade. So take a seat, give yourself a minute each day of these two weeks and enjoy the 80s!

1. XTC-Skylarking(Virgin)

Genre: Psychedelic Pop, Pop Rock, Chamber Pop, Sunshine Pop

2. Paul Simon-Graceland(Warner Bros.)

Genre: Pop Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Mbaqanga, Mbube, Zydeco

3. Big Black-Atomizer(Homestead)

Genre: Noise Rock, Post-Hardcore, Industrial Rock, Post-Punk

4. The Smiths-The Queen Is Dead(Rough Trade)

Genre: Jangle Pop, Indie Pop, Post-Punk

5. Coil-Horse Rotorvator(Force & Form/K 422)

Genre: Industrial, Martial Industrial, Art Pop

6. Saint Vitus-Born Too Late(SST)

Genre: Traditional Doom Metal

7. Conflict-The Ungovernable Force(Mortarhate)

Genre: Anarcho Punk, Hardcore Punk

8. They Might Be Giants-Self Titled(Bar/None)

Genre: Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, Post-Punk

9. Spacemen 3-Sound Of Confusion(Glass)

Genre: Neo Psychedelia, Space Rock, Shoegaze, Garage Rock, Drone, Acid Rock

10. Sonic Youth-Evol(SST)

Genre: Noise Rock, Experimental Rock, No Wave, Post-Punk, Alternative Rock

11. Butthole Surfers-Rembrandt Pussyhorse(Touch And Go)

Genre: Noise Rock, Experimental Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Punk Rock, Post-Punk

12. Slayer-Reign In Blood(Def Jam)

Genre: Thrash Metal

13. Samhain-November Coming Fire(Plan 9/Caroline)

Genre: Deathrock, Horror Punk, Gothic Rock, Hardcore Punk

14. The The-Infected(Epic)

Genre: Art Pop, Synthpop, Post-Punk, New Wave

15. Nomeansno-Sex Mad(Psyche Industry)

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Art Punk, Progressive Rock, Math Rock

16. Game Theory-The Big Shot Chronicles(Enigma)

Genre: Paisley Underground, Power Pop, Jangle Pop

17. Scientists-Weird Love(Karbon)

Genre: Punk Blues, Garage Punk, Post-Punk, Noise Rock

18. Sun City Girls-Grotto Of Miracles(Placebo)

Genre: Experimental Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Arabic Music, Avant Folk, Free Improvisation, Surf Rock, Gypsy Jazz, Zolo

19. Beastie Boys-Licensed To Ill(Def Jam/Colombia)

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Rap Rock

20. Shop Assistants-Self Titled(Blue Guitar/Chrysalis)

Genre: Twee Pop, C86, Indie Pop, Noise Pop, Jangle Pop

21. Firehose-Ragin' Full On(SST)

Genre: Post-Punk, Alternative Rock, Funk Rock, Post-Hardcore

22. Candlemass-Epicus Doomicus Metallicus(Leviathan/Black Dragon)

Genre: Traditional Doom Metal

23. Henry Flynt-You Are My Everlovin'/Celestial Power(Edition Hundurtmark)

Genre: Drone, Minimalism, Hindustani Classical Music, American Primitivism

24. Run D.M.C.-Raising Hell(Profile)

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop, Rap Rock

25. Angelo Badalamenti-Blue Velvet(Varese Sarabrande)

Genre: Film Score, Film Soundtrack, Jazz, Dark Ambient, Dream Pop

26. Cro-Mags-The Age Of Quarrel(Profile/Rock Hotel)

Genre: New York Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Crossover Thrash

27. Megadeth-Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?(Capitol)

Genre: Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal

28. No Trend-Tritonian Nash-Vegas Polyester Complex(Touch And Go)

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Experimental Rock, Hardcore Punk

29. Talk Talk-The Colour Of Spring(EMI)

Genre: Art Pop, Baroque Pop, Chamber Pop, New Romantic

30. Cocteau Twins-Victorialand(4AD)

Genre: Dream Pop, Ethereal Wave, Ambient, Neo Psychedelia, Art Pop

31. The Fall-Bend Sinister(Beggars Banquet)

Genre: Post-Punk

32. Last Exit-Self Titled(Enemy)

Genre: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation, Noise Rock

33. And Also The Trees-Virus Meadow(Reflex)

Genre: Post-Punk, Gothic Rock

34. Dead Kennedys-Bedtime For Democracy(Alternative Tentacles)

Genre: Hardcore Punk, Punk Rock, Anarcho Punk

35. Kreator-Pleasure To Kill(Noise)

Genre: Thrash Metal, Death Metal

36. Momus-Circus Maximus(El)

Genre: Chamber Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Art Pop, Psychedelic Folk, Neofolk

37. Wipers-Land Of The Lost(Restless)

Genre: Post-Punk, Punk Rock, Noise Rock

38. Negazione-Lo Spirito Continua(Konkurrel)

Genre: Hardcore Punk, Crossover Thrash

39. Billy Bragg-Talking With The Tax Man About Poetry(Go! Discs)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, British Folk Rock

40. Died Pretty-Free Dirt(Citadel)

Genre: Indie Rock, Neo Psychedelia, Psychedelic Rock

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