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The Best Albums Of The 1980s-Part 6 Out Of 10: 1985

Hello and welcome everyone to the 10 part series: The best albums of the 1980s! This right here is the best albums of 1985!

There were a lot of groundbreaking things happening in the 80s. Hip Hop solidified it's place in the music landscape as did electronic music. Both genres ended up touching the mainstream in ways no one in the 80s could have ever imagined. The early 80s was where punk really started getting interesting by incorporating all sorts of musical styles to give birth to a dozen micro genres that still stand up to this day. Countless classic albums were made during this tumultuous decade and each one should be considered in the running for greatest albums of any decade. So take a seat, give yourself a minute each day of these two weeks and enjoy the 80s!

1. Tom Waits-Rain Dogs(Island)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Experimental Rock, Blues Rock, Beat Poetry, Dark Cabaret, Jazz Rock

2. Einsturzende Neubauten-1/2 Mensch(Some Bizarre)

Genre: Industrial, Noise

3. The Fall-This Nation's Saving Grace(Rought Trade)

Genre: Post-Punk, Art Punk

4. Meat Puppets-Up On The Sun(SST)

Genre: Cowpunk, Alt-Country, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

5. Mekons-Fear And Whiskey(Sin Record Company)

Genre: Post-Punk, Cowpunk, Alt-Country

6. The Jesus And Mary Chain-Psychocandy(Blanco Y Negro)

Genre: Noise Pop, Post-Punk, Shoegaze

7. The Dead Milkmen-Big Lizard In My Backyard(Restless)

Genre: Punk Rock, Comedy Rock, Hardcore Punk, Cowpunk

8. The Beat Farmers-Tales Of The Old West(Rhino)

Genre: Cowpunk, Roots Rock

9. Kate Bush-Hounds Of Love(EMI)

Genre: Art Pop, Progressive Pop, Synthpop, Baroque Pop

10. Feedtime-Self Titled(Self Titled)

Genre: Noise Rock, Garage Rock, Punk Blues, Garage Punk

11. Sonic Youth-Bad Moon Rising(Blast First/Homestead)

Genre: Noise Rock, No Wave, Experimental Rock

12. The Muffins-Open City(Cuneiform)

Genre: Avant Prog, Jazz Rock

13. Beat Happening-Self Titled(K)

Genre: Twee Pop, LO-FI, Punk Rock

14. Prince And The Revolution-Around The World In A Day(Paisley Park)

Genre: Pop Rock, Psychedelic Soul, Neo Psychedelia, Psychedelic Pop

15. LL Cool J-Radio(Def Jam/Colombia)

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop

16. The Dukes Of Stratosphear-25 O'Clock(Virgin)

Genre: Psychedelic Pop, Neo Psychedelia, Psychedelic Rock

17. Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel-Nail(Self Immolation/Some Bizarre)

Genre: Industrial, Experimental Rock, Industrial Rock, Post-Punk, Dark Cabaret

18. Pentagram-Self Titled(Pentagram)

Genre: Traditional Doom Metal, Heavy Metal

19. Sacrilege-Behind The Realms Of Madness(Children Of The Revolution)

Genre: Thrash Metal, Crust Punk

20. Cecil Leuter-Altitude 3000(Crea Sound LTD)

Genre: Library Music, Electronic

21. The Long Ryders-State Of Our Union(Island)

Genre: Country Rock, Cowpunk, Paisley Underground, Roots Rock, Jangle Pop, Alt-Country, Power Pop

22. The Scientists-You Get What You Deserve(Karbon)

Genre: Garage Punk, Post-Punk, Noise Rock, Punk Blues

23. Run D.M.C.-King Of Rock(Profile)

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop, Rap Rock

24. Oingo Boingo-Dead Man's Party(MCA)

Genre: New Wave, Synthpop

25. Amebix-Arise!(Alternative Tentacles)

Genre: Crust Punk, Heavy Metal, Post-Punk

26. Yello-Stella(Arise!)

Genre: Synthpop, Electropop, Art Pop, Electro-Disco

27. Chris Isaak-Silvertone(Warner Bros.)

Genre: Pop Rock, Americana, Rockabilly, Roots Rock, Surf Rock

28. The Wake-Here Comes Everybody(Factory)

Genre: Dream Pop, New Wave, Post-Punk, Synthpop, Jangle Pop

29. Fear-More Beer(Restless)

Genre: Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk

30. Black Hole-Land Of Mystery(City)

Genre: Traditional Doom Metal, Progressive Rock, Horror Synth

31. Talking Heads-Little Creatures(Sire)

Genre: Art Pop, New Wave

32. Jeffrey Lee Pierce-Wildweed(Statik)

Genre: Punk Blues, Americana, Post-Punk

33. Husker Du-New Day Rising(SST)

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Alternative Rock, Hardcore Punk, Power Pop, Noise Pop

34. Death In June-Nada!(New European Recordings)

Genre: Post-Punk, Darkwave, Neofolk, Synthpop

35. Dead Kennedys-Frankenchrist(Alternative Tentacles)

Genre: Hardcore Punk, Punk Rock, Surf Punk

36. Ry Cooder-Paris, Texas Score(Warner Bros.)

Genre: Acoustic Blues, Film Score, Film Soundtrack, Spoken Word

37. The Young Fresh Fellows-Topsy Turvy(Popllama)

Genre: Power Pop, Garage Rock, Psychedelic Pop

38. Greg Sage-Straight Ahead(Enigma)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Indie Rock, Post-Punk, Garage Rock

39. The Dentists-Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It's All Over It Is Now(Spruck)

Genre: Power Pop, Jangle Pop, Neo Psychedelia, Indie Pop

40. Strawberry Switchblade-Self Titled(Korova)

Genre: New Wave, Synthpop, Dream Pop, Twee Pop

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