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The Best Albums Of The 1980s-Part 5 Out Of 10: 1984

Hello and welcome everyone to the 10 part series: The best albums of the 1980s! This right here is the best albums of 1984!

There were a lot of groundbreaking things happening in the 80s. Hip Hop solidified it's place in the music landscape as did electronic music. Both genres ended up touching the mainstream in ways no one in the 80s could have ever imagined. The early 80s was where punk really started getting interesting by incorporating all sorts of musical styles to give birth to a dozen micro genres that still stand up to this day. Countless classic albums were made during this tumultuous decade and each one should be considered in the running for greatest albums of any decade. So take a seat, give yourself a minute each day of these two weeks and enjoy the 80s!

1. Minutemen-Double Nickels On The Dime(SST)

Genre: Post-Punk, Punk Rock, Funk Rock, Post-Hardcore

2. Cocteau Twins-Treasure(4AD)

Genre: Dream Pop, Ethereal Wave, Neo Psychedelia

3. Art Of Noise-(Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!(ZTT)

Genre: Electronic, Art Pop, Synthpop, New Wave, Electro, Plunderphonics

4. Meat Puppets-II(SST)

Genre: Cowpunk, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Punk Rock

5. The Raincoats-Moving(Rough Trade)

Genre: Post-Punk, Art Pop

6. The Replacements-Let It Be(Twin/Tone)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Power Pop, Garage Rock

7. The Fall-The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall(Rough Trade)

Genre: Post-Punk, Experimental Rock, Krautrock

8. Husker Du-Zen Arcade(SST)

Genre: Hardcore Punk, Post-Hardcore, Alternative Rock, Noise Rock

9. Butthole Surfers-Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac(Touch And Go)

Genre: Noise Rock, Art Punk, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental Rock, Post-Punk, Punk Rock

10. Bathory-Self Titled(Black Mark Production)

Genre: BlacK Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal

11. Violent Femmes-Hallowed Ground(Slash)

Genre: Folk Rock, Cowpunk, Gothic Country, Folk Rock

12. Coil-Scatology(Force & Form/K 422)

Genre: Industrial, Post-Punk, Dark Ambient

13. Tales Of Terror-Self Titled(CD Presents, LTD)

Genre: Hardcore Punk, Horror Punk, Punk Rock, Garage Punk

14. Saint Vitus-Self Titled(SST)

Genre: Traditional Doom Metal, Doom Metal

15. Cardiacs-The Seaside(Alphabet)

Genre: Art Punk, Progressive Rock, Zolo, Post-Punk

16. Flipper-Gone Fishin'(Subterranean)

Genre: Noise Rock, Art Punk, Post-Punk, Post-Hardcore

17. This Mortal Coil-It'll End In Tears(4AD)

Genre: Dream Pop, Ethereal Wave, Darkwave, Ambient Pop, Gothic Rock, Art Pop

18. Manuel Gottsching-E2-E4(Inteam GmbH)

Genre: Progressive Electronic, Berlin School

19. Television Personalities-The Painted Word(Illuminated)

Genre: Post-Punk, Neo Psychedelia, LO-FI

20. The Smiths-Self Titled(Rough Trade)

Genre: Jangle Pop, Indie Pop, Post-Punk

21. John Hartford-Gum Tree Canoe(Flying Fish)

Genre: Progressive Bluegrass, Progressive Country

22. The Homosexuals-The Homosexuals' Record(Recommended)

Genre: Post-Punk, Art Punk, Garage Punk, Glam Rock

23. After Dinner-Glass Tube(Kang-Gung)

Genre: Avant Prog

24. Trouble-Psalm 9(Metal Blade)

Genre: Doom Metal, Heavy Metal

25. Run D.M.C.-Self Titled(Profile)

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop\

26. Danielle Dax-Jesus Egg That Wept(Awesome)

Genre: Post-Punk, Art Pop, Gothic Rock, Experimental Rock

27. The Young Fresh Fellows-The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific Northwest(Popllama)

Genre: Indie Rock, Power Pop

28. Robyn Hitchcock-I Often Dream Of Trains(Midnight Music)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Psychedelic Folk, A Capella, Folk Rock, Psychedelic Pop

29. Steve Roach-Structures From Silence(Fortuna)

Genre: Space Ambient, Ambient, Progressive Electronic, Drone, Post-Minimalism

30. Black Flag-My War(SST)

Genre: Hardcore Punk, Sludge Metal

31. Shel Silverstein-Where The Sidewalk Ends(Colombia)

Genre: Children's Music

32. King Sunny Aide-Aura(Island)

Genre: JuJu

33. The Blue Nile-A Walk Across The Rooftops(Linn)

Genre: Sophistipop, Art Pop, Synthpop, New Romantic

34. Scraping Foetus Of The Wheel-Hole(Self Immolation/Some Bizarre)

Genre: Industrial Rock, Industrial, Post-Punk, Experimental Rock, Dark Cabaret, Psychobilly

35. Cristina-Sleep It Off(Mercury)

Genre: New Wave, Noise Pop

36. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-From Her To Eternity(Mute)

Genre: Post-Punk, Gothic Rock, Punk Blues

37. The Long Ryders-Native Sons(Planet)

Genre: Country Rock, Paisley Underground, Alt-Country, Jangle Pop, Cowpunk

38. Scott Walker-Climate Of Hunter(Virgin)

Genre: Art Pop, Art Rock, New Wave, Synthpop, Baroque Pop

39. Dali's Car-The Waking Hour(Paradox)

Genre: Post-Punk, Art Pop, Art Rock

40. The Pogues-Red Roses For Me(Stiff)

Genre: Celtic Punk, Celtic Rock, Irish Folk Music, Sea Shanties

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