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The Best Albums Of The 1980s-Part 4 Out Of 10: 1983

Hello and welcome everyone to the 10 part series: The best albums of the 1980s! This right here is the best albums of 1983!

There were a lot of groundbreaking things happening in the 80s. Hip Hop solidified it's place in the music landscape as did electronic music. Both genres ended up touching the mainstream in ways no one in the 80s could have ever imagined. The early 80s was where punk really started getting interesting by incorporating all sorts of musical styles to give birth to a dozen micro genres that still stand up to this day. Countless classic albums were made during this tumultuous decade and each one should be considered in the running for greatest albums of any decade. So take a seat, give yourself a minute each day of these two weeks and enjoy the 80s!

1. ESG-Come Away With ESG(99)

Genre: Dance Punk, No Wave, Post-Punk

2. R.E.M.-Murmur(I.R.S.)

Genre: Jangle Pop, Alternative Rock, Post-Punk

3. Violent Femmes-Self Titled(Slash)

Genre: Acoustic Rock, Alternative Rock, Folk Punk, Folk Rock

4. Tom Waits-Swordfishtrombones(Island)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Experimental Rock, Blues, Jazz, Beat Poetry, Dark Cabaret, Brass Band

5. Dicks-Kill From The Heart(SST)

Genre: Punk Blues, Hardcore Punk, Punk Rock, Garage Punk

6. The Fall-Perverted By Language(Rough Trade)

Genre: Post-Punk, Experimental Rock, Art Punk, Noise Rock

7. D.R.I.-Dirty Rotten EP(Dirty Rotten)

Genre: Thrashcore, Hardcore Punk

8. Wipers-Over The Edge(Brain Eater)

Genre: Punk Rock, Post-Punk, Art Punk

9. Fred Frith-Cheap At Half The Price(Ralph)

Genre: Experimental Rock, Art Rock, Art Pop, Post-Punk, Avant Prog

10. Malcolm McLaren-Duck Rock(Charisma)

Genre: New Wave, Turntablism, Hip Hop, Merengue, Country Pop, Novelty

11. OMD-Dazzle Ships(Virgin/Telegraph)

Genre: Synthpop, New Wave, Musique Concrete, Experimental, Art Pop

12. Danny Elfman And The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo-Forbidden Zone Soundtrack(Varese Sarabande)

Genre: Film Score, Zolo, Film Soundtrack, Vaudeville, Rock Opera, Novelty, Post-Punk

13. The The-Soul Mining(Epic/Some Bizarre)

Genre: New Wave, Art Pop, Post-Punk, Synthpop, Dance Punk

14. Neil Young-Trans(Geffen)

Genre: Synthpop, Electronic, New Wave, Experimental Rock

15. New Order-Power, Corruption and Lies(Factory)

Genre: Synthpop, Post-Punk, New Wave, Alternative Dance

16. Sonic Youth-Confusion Is Sex(Neutral)

Genre: Noise Rock, No Wave, Experimental Rock

17. 45 Grave-Sleep In Safety(Enigma)

Genre: Death Rock, Horror Punk, Surf Punk, Punk Rock, Glam Punk

18. Subhumans-The Day The Country Died(Spiderleg)

Genre: Anarcho Punk, Hardcore Punk

19. Echo And The Bunnymen-Porcupine(Korova/WEA)

Genre: Post-Punk, Neo Psychedelia

20. Rudimentary Peni-Death Church(Corpus Christi)

Genre: Anarcho Punk, Hardcore Punk, Deathrock

21. Einsturzende Neubauten-Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T.(Some Bizarre)

Genre: Industrial, Musique Concrete, Noise

22. King Sunny Aide And His African Beats-Synchro System(Mango)

Genre: JuJu

23. Danielle Dax-Pop-Eyes(The Initial Recording Company)

Genre: Experimental Rock, Post-Punk, Art Pop, Minimal Wave

24. The Times-This Is London(Artpop!)

Genre: Mod Revival, Indie Pop, New Wave, Jangle Pop

25. Tears For Fears-The Hurting(Mercury)

Genre: Synthpop, New Wave

26. X-More Fun In The New World(Elektra)

Genre: Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Power Pop

27. Virginia Astley-From Gardens Where We Feel Secure(Happy Valley/Rough Trade)

Genre: Ambient, New Age, Nature Recordings, Modern Classical, Impressionism

28. Suicidal Tendencies-Self Titled(Frontier)

Genre: Hardcore Punk, Skate Punk

29. Minutemen-What Makes A Man Start Fires?(SST)

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Post-Punk, Funk Rock, Hardcore Punk

30. Lewis-L'Amour(R.A.W.)

Genre: Ambient Pop, Singer/Songwriter

31. Slayer-Show No Mercy(Metal Blade)

Genre: Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal

32. Jerry's Kids-Is This My World?(Xclaim!)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

33. Mariah-Utakata No Hibi(Shan-Shan/Better Days)

Genre: Art Pop, New Wave

34. Negative Approach-Tied Down(Touch And Go)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

35. XTC-Mummer(Virgin)

Genre: Pop Rock, Art Pop, New Wave

36. Cocteau Twins-Head Over Heels(4AD)

Genre: Dream Pop, Post-Punk, Ethereal Wave

37. The F.U.s-My America(Xclaim!)

Genre: Hardcore Punk, Thrashcore

38. Marc And The Mambas-Torment And Toreros(Some Bizarre)

Genre: New Wave, Dark Cabaret, Gothic Rock, Post-Punk

39. ZZ Top-Eliminator(Warner Bros.)

Genre: Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Blues Rock, Boogie Rock

40. The Dickies-Stukas Over Disneyland(PVC)

Genre: Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Power Pop

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