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The Best Albums Of The 1980s-Part 2 Out Of 10: 1981

Hello and welcome everyone to the 10 part series: The best albums of the 1980s! This right here is the best albums of 1981!

There were a lot of groundbreaking things happening in the 80s. Hip Hop solidified it's place in the music landscape as did electronic music. Both genres ended up touching the mainstream in ways no one in the 80s could have ever imagined. The early 80s was where punk really started getting interesting by incorporating all sorts of musical styles to give birth to a dozen micro genres that still stand up to this day. Countless classic albums were made during this tumultuous decade and each one should be considered in the running for greatest albums of any decade. So take a seat, give yourself a minute each day of these two weeks and enjoy the 80s!

1. Wall Of Voodoo-Dark Continent(I.R.S.)

Genre: New Wave, Minimal Wave, Post-Punk

2. Black Flag-Damaged(Unicorn/SST)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

3. This Heat-Deceit(Rough Trade)

Genre: Post-Punk, Experimental Rock, Avant Prog, Industrial, Krautrock, Tape Music

4. Scientist-Scientist Rids The World Of The Curse Of The Vampires(Greensleeves)

Genre: Dub

5. The Gun Club-Fire Of Love(Ruby)

Genre: Punk Blues, Psychobilly, Garage Rock, Rockabilly, Post-Punk

6. King Crimson-Discipline(EG/Polydor)

Genre: Progressive Rock, Art Rock, New Wave

7. Kraftwerk-Computer World(Kling Klang/EMI Electrola)

Genre: Synthpop, Electronic

8. Television Personalities-...And Don't The Kids Just Love It(Rough Trade)

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Pop, Jangle Pop, Twee Pop, LO-FI, Mod Revival

9. The Raincoats-Odyshape(Rough Trade)

Genre: Post-Punk, Experimental Rock

10. Wipers-Youth Of America(Park Avenue)

Genre: Post-Punk, Punk Rock, Art Punk, Noise Rock

11. Massacre-Killing Time(Celluloid)

Genre: Experimental Rock, No Wave, Noise Rock, Avant Prog, Math Rock, Post-Punk, Zolo

12. Public Imaged Limited-The Flowers Of Romance(Virgin)

Genre: Post-Punk, Experimental Rock, Musique Concrete

13. X-Wild Gift(Slash)

Genre: Punk Rock, Psychobilly

14. Dbs-Stands For Decibels(Albion)

Genre: Power Pop, Jangle Pop, New Wave, Psychedelic Pop

15. Glenn Branca-The Ascension(99)

Genre: No Wave, Noise Rock, Experimental Rock, Post-Minimalism, Post-Rock, Drone

16. Renaldo & The Loaf-Songs For Swinging Larvae(Ralph)

Genre: Minimal Wave, Zolo

17. The Birthday Party-Prayers On Fire(Missing Link)

Genre: Post-Punk, Noise Rock, No Wave, Punk Blues, Experimental Rock

18. Der Plan-Normalette Surprise(Ata Tak)

Genre: Neue Deutsche Welle, Minimal Synth, Zolo

19. Geza X-You Goddam Kids!(Final Gear)

Genre: Art Punk, Post-Punk, Zolo, No Wave

20. Crass-Penis Envy(Crass)

Genre: Anarcho Punk, Art Punk, Post-Punk, Hardcore Punk

21. Suburban Lawns-Self Titled(I.R.S.)

Genre: Post-Punk, New Wave, Art Punk, Surf Punk

22. Minutemen-The Punch Line(SST)

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Post-Punk, Hardcore Punk, Funk Rock

23. The Replacements-Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash(Twin/Tone)

Genre: Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk, Garage Punk, Alternative Rock

24. Agent Orange-Living In Darkness(Posh Boy)

Genre: Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk, Surf Punk

25. Yellow Magic Orchestra-Technodelic(Alfa)

Genre: Synthpop, Electropop, New Wave, Progressive Electronic

26. Wailing Souls-Firehouse Rock(Greensleeves)

Genre: Roots Reggae, Dub

27. Craig Leon-Nommos(Takoma)

Genre: Minimal Synth, Tribal Ambient, Progressive Electronic

28. Factrix-Scheintot(Adolescent)

Genre: Industrial, Experimental, Post-Punk, Noise, No Wave

29. Au Pairs-Playing With A Different Sex(Human)

Genre: Post-Punk, Dance Punk, Art Punk

30. The Gordons-Self Titled(Gordons)

Genre: Post-Punk, Noise Rock

31. The Sound-From The Lion's Mouth(Korova)

Genre: Post-Punk, Gothic Rock

32. The Slits-Return Of The Giant Slits(CBS)

Genre: Post-Punk, Art Pop, Dub, Experimental Rock

33. Associates-Fourth Drawer Down(Beggars Banquet)

Genre: Post-Punk, New Wave, Experimental Rock, Synthpop, Art Rock

34. Lounge Lizards-Self Titled(Editions EG)

Genre: Avant Garde Jazz, No Wave

35. The Meteors-In Heaven(Lost Soul)

Genre: Psychobilly, Rockabilly

36. Oingo Boingo-Only A Lad(A&M/I.R.S.)

Genre: New Wave, Post-Punk, Zolo

37. Girls At Our Best-Pleasure(Happy Birthday)

Genre: Post-Punk, Twee Pop, New Wave

38. Tom Tom Club-Self Titled(Sire)

Genre: New Wave, Art Pop, Synthpop, Funk, Disco Rap

39. Klaus Nomi-Self Titled(RCA Victor)

Genre: Classical Crossover, New Wave, Art Pop, Neue Duetsche Welle, Opera

40. Rick James-Street Songs(Gordy)

Genre: Synth Funk, Contemporary R&B, Disco, Smooth Soul, Dance Pop, Boogie

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