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Best Of The 1990s-Part 8-The Best Albums From The Year 1997

Hello and welcome to the eighth installment of the best albums from the 1990s. For this series I tried to cover as many different musical genres as I could that happened to exist at the time. As you go through these lists you will notice interesting things. Some years were better for rock, some were better for hip hop, you get to see a rise in electronic music through the 90s. So come with us, take this journey and for right now check out the best albums of 1997! ENJOY!

1. Ween-The Mollusk(Elektra)

Genre: Art Rock, Neo Psychedelia, Alternative Rock, Sea Shanties, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Pop

2. Smart Went Crazy-Con Art(Dischord)

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Indie Rock, Math Rock, Nature Recordings

3. Yo La Tengo-I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One(Matador)

Genre: Indie Rock, Noise Pop, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Indie Pop

4. Modest Mouse-The Fruit That Ate Itself EP/The Lonesome Crowded West(K/UP!)

Genre: Indie Rock, LO-FI, Noise Pop, Post-Hardcore, Midwest Emo

5. Bjork-Homogenic(One Little Indian)

Genre: Art Pop, Electronic, Trip Hop, Chamber Pop

6. Cornelius-Fantasma(Trattoria/Polystar)

Genre: Shibuya-kei, Indietronica, Neo Psychedelia, Psychedelic Pop, Plunderphonics, Art Pop, Picopop

7. Fuckemos-Celebration(Man's Ruin)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Noise Rock, Hardcore Punk

8. The Monorchid-Let Them Eat The...(Simple MAachines/Dischord)

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Noise Rock, Math Rock, Post-Punk

9. Sleater Kinney-Dig Me Out(Kill Rock Stars)

Genre: Indie Rock, Punk Rock, Riot Grrl

10. Geraldine Fibbers-Butch(Virgin)

Genre: Alt-Country, Alternative Rock, Folk Rock

11. Built To Spill-Perfect From Now On(Warner Bros)

Genre: Indie Rock, Post-Rock

12. Ben Folds Five-Whatever and Ever, Amen(550 Music)

Genre: Piano Rock, Alternative Rock, Power Pop

13. The Chemical Brothers-Dig Your Own Hole(Freestyle Dust/Virgin)

Genre: Big Beat, Breakbeat

14. Grandaddy-Under the Western Freeway(V2)

Genre: Indie Rock, Neo Psychedelia, Indietronica, Field Recordings

15. Kool Keith-Sex Style(Funky Ass)

Genre: Hardcore Hip Hop, East Coast Hip Hop, Boom Bap

16. Amon Tobin-Bricolage(Ninja Tune)

Genre: Nu Jazz, Drum n Bass, IDM, Downtempo

17. Robert Wyatt-Shleep(Hannibal)

Genre: Canterbury Scene, Singer/Songwriter, Art Rock, Jazz Rock, Experimental Rock, Psychedelic Rock

18. Portishead-Self Titled(Go! Beat)

Genre: Trip Hop, Acid Jazz, Dark Jazz

19. Harvey Milk-The Pleaser(Reproductive)

Genre: Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Stoner Rock, Post-Hardcore

20. Pavement-Brighten the Corners(Matador)

Genre: Indie Rock, Power Pop

21. Royal Trux-Sweet Sixteen(Virgin)

Genre: Noise Rock, Alternative Rock, Garage Rock

22. Radiohead-OK Computer(Parlophone)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Art Rock

23. Arto Lindsay-Noon Chill(Gut/For Life)

Genre: Art Pop, Bossa Nova, Jazz Pop, Tropicalia

24. Fu Manchu-The Action Is Go(Mammoth)

Genre: Stoner Rock

25. Laddio Bolocko-Strange Warmings of Laddio Bolocko(Hungarian)

Genre: Experimental Rock, Noise Rock, Math Rock, Krautrock, Post-Rock

26. Teenage Filmstars-Buy Our Record, Support Our Sickness(Creation)

Genre: Shoegaze

27. Daft Punk-Homework(Virgin/Soma Quality)

Genre: French House, Tech House

28. Spiritualized-Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space(Dedicated)

Genre: Neo Psychedelia, Space Rock, Art Rock, Dream Pop, Noise Pop, Symphonic Rock, Shoegaze

29. The Dismemberment Plan-Is Terrified(DeSoto)

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Indie Rock, Dance Punk, Zolo

30. Bantam Rooster-Deal Me In(Crypt)

Genre: Garage Punk, Punk Blues

31. Biosphere-Substrata(Origo Sound)

Genre: Ambient, Nature Recordings

32. Supergrass-In It For the Money(Parlophone)

Genre: Britpop, Power Pop

33. Blur-Self Titled(Food/EMI)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, LO-FI, Britpop

34. Don Salsa-Koolaid Moustache In Jonestown(Self-Released)

Genre: Experimental Rock, Avant Prog, Spoken Word, Video Game Music, Noise, Funk, Jazz, Avant Garde Metal

35. Elliott Smith-Either/Or(Kill Rock Stars)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Indie Folk, Indie Pop, LO-FI

36. Lake Of Dracula-Self Titled(Skin Graft)

Genre: Noise Rock, No Wave

37. Primus-Brown Album(Interscope/Prawn Song)

Genre: Funk Rock, Experimental Rock, Alternative Rock, Funk Metal

38. Skeleton Key-Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon(Capitol)

Genre: Experimental Rock, Post-Hardcore

39. Quasi-R&B Transmogrification(UP!)

Genre: Indie Rock, Noise Pop

40. Everclear-So Much For the Afterglow(Capitol)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge, Power Pop

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