Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Best Of The 1990s-Part 6-The Best Albums From The Year 1995

Hello and welcome to the sixth installment of the best albums from the 1990s. For this series I tried to cover as many different musical genres as I could that happened to exist at the time. As you go through these lists you will notice interesting things. Some years were better for rock, some were better for hip hop, you get to see a rise in electronic music through the 90s. So come with us, take this journey and for right now check out the best albums of 1995! ENJOY!

1. GZA-Liquid Swords(Geffen)

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Conscious Hip Hop

2. Bjork-Post(One Little Indian)

Genre: Art Pop, Electronic, Trip Hop, Alternative Dance

3. Tricky-Maxinquaye(4th & Broadway/Island)

Genre: Trip Hop, UK Hip Hop, Dub

4. Elastica-Self Titled(Deceptive)

Genre: Britpop, Indie Rock, Punk Rock

5. Autechre-Tri Repetae ++(Warp)

Genre: IDM, Ambient Techno, Glitch

6. The Presidents of the United States of America-Self Titled(PopLlama)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Power Pop, Pop Punk, Comedy Rock

7. Royal Trux-Thank You(Virgin)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Garage Rock

8. Fatso Jetson-Stinky Little Gods(SST)

Genre: Stoner Rock, Surf Rock, Experimental Rock

9. Aphex Twin-I Care Because You Do(Warp)

Genre: IDM, Acid Techno, Drill n Bass, Ambient Techno, Modern Classical

10. Slowdive-Pygmalion(Creation)

Genre: Ambient Pop, Dream Pop, Ambient, Post-Rock

11. US Maple-Long Hair In Three Stages(Skin Graft)

Genre: Noise Rock, Experimental Rock, Math Rock, No Wave, Post-Hardcore

12. Scott Walker-Tilt(Fontana)

Genre: Experimental, Singer/Songwriter, Dark Ambient, Baroque Pop, Darkwave

13. Mobb Deep-The Infamous(Loud)

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap, Boom Bap, Hardcore Hip Hop

14. The Amps-Pacer(4AD)

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Power Pop, Noise Pop

15. Guided By Voices-Alien Lanes(Matador)

Genre: LO-FI, Indie Rock, Power Pop, Noise Pop

16. Basic Channel-BCD(Basic Channel)

Genre: Dub Techno, Ambient Techno, Minimal Techno

17. Blind Melon-Soup(Capitol)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues Rock, Folk Rock

18. Air Miami-Me, Me, Me, Me(Teenbeat)

Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Post-Punk

19. Mr Bungle-Disco Volante(Warner Bros)

Genre: Experimental Rock, Avant Garde Metal, Jazz, Surf Rock, Noise, Musique Concrete

20. Oval-94 Diskont(Mille Plateaux)

Genre: Glitch, Ambient, Minimalism

21. Unsane-Scattered, Smothered and Covered(Amphetamine Reptile)

Genre: Noise Rock, Post-Hardcore

22. Ulver-Bergtatt: Et eeventyr i 5 Capitler(Head Not Found)

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Pagan Black Metal, Black Metal, Dark Folk, Folk Metal

23. Ol Dirty Bastard-Return to the 36 Chambers(Elektra)

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Abstract Hip Hop

24. The Cardigans-Life(Trampolene)

Genre: Indie Pop, Twee Pop, Lounge, Sunshine Pop

25. Chemical Brothers-Exit Planet Dust(Freestyle Dust/Junior Boys' Own/Virgin)

Genre: Big Beat, Downtempo

26. Pavement-Wowee Zowee(Matador)

Genre: Indie Rock, Noise Rock

27. Mouse On Mars-Iaora Tahiti(Too Pure)

Genre: IDM, Ambient Techno, Dub Techno, Downtempo

28. Palace Music-Viva Lost Blues(Drag City/Palace)

Genre: Folk Rock, Alt-Country, Singer/Songwriter

29. Raekwon-Only Built For Cuban Linx(Loud)

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap, Boom Bap, Hardcore Hip Hop

30. Chris Isaak-Forever Blue(Reprise)

Genre: Pop Rock, Roots Rock, Americana, Country Pop, Rockabilly Country Rock, Blues Rock

31. Ben Folds Five-Self Titled(Passenger/Caroline)

Genre: Piano Rock, Pop Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, Power Pop

32. Death-Symbolic(RoadRunner)

Genre: Technical Death Metal, Progressive Metal

33. Heavy Vegetable-Frisbie(Headhunter)

Genre: Indie Pop, Math Rock

34. Dissection-Storm Of the Light's Bane(Nuclear Blast)

Genre: Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal

35. PJ Harvey-To Bring You My Love(Island)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Blues

36. Oblivians-Soul Food(Crypt)

Genre: Garage Punk, Punk Blues

37. Prick-Self Titled(Nothing/Interscope)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Industrial Rock, Glam Rock

38. At the Gates-Slaughter of the Soul(Earache)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

39. Pulp-Different Class(Island)

Genre: Britpop

40. Sonic Youth-Washing Machine(DGC)

Genre: Noise Rock, Alternative Rock, Experimental Rock, Indie Rock

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