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Best Of The 1990s-Part 4-The Best Albums From The Year 1993

Hello and welcome to the fourth installment of the best albums from the 1990s. For this series I tried to cover as many different musical genres as I could that happened to exist at the time. As you go through these lists you will notice interesting things. Some years were better for rock, some were better for hip hop, you get to see a rise in electronic music through the 90s. So come with us, take this journey and for right now check out the best albums of 1993! ENJOY!

1. Nirvana-In Utero(DGC/Sub Pop)

Genre: Grunge, Alternative Rock, Noise Rock

2. Wu Tang Clan-Enter the 36 Chambers(RCA/Loud/Wu Tang)

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Hardcore Hip Hop

3. The Breeders-Last Splash(4AD)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Noise Pop, Indie Rock, Grunge

4. Masters Of Reality-Sunrise On the Sufferbus(Def American)

Genre: Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Stoner Rock

5. John Oswald-Plexure(Avant)

Genre: Plunderphonics, Sound Collage, Glitch

6. Jellyfish-Spilt Milk(Virgin/Charisma)

Genre: Power Pop, Art Pop, Progressive Pop, Psychedelic Pop, Baroque Pop

7. Bikini Kill-Pussy Whipped(Kill Rock Stars)

Genre: Riot Grrl, Punk Rock, Noise Rock, Post-Hardcore

8. Truman's Water-Spasm Smash XXXOXOX Ox and Ass(Elemental)

Genre: Noise Rock, Post-Hardcore

9. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-Extra Width(Matador)

Genre: Punk Blues, Garage Rock, Blues Rock, Noise Rock

10. Mercury Rev-Boces(Beggars Banquet)

Genre: Neo Psychedelia, Noise Pop, Experimental Rock, Dream Pop, Noise Rock

11. Cop Shoot Cop-Ask Questions Later(Interscope)

Genre: Industrial Rock, Noise Rock

12. Souls Of Mischief-93' Til Infinity(Jive)

Genre: West Coast Hip Hop, Jazz Rap, Boom Bap, Conscious Hip Hop

13. Liz Phair-Exile In Guyville(Matador)

Genre: Indie Rock, LO-FI

14. Polygon Window-Surfing On Sine Waves(Warp)

Genre: Techno, IDM, Ambient Techno, Acid Techno

15. Royal Trux-Cats and Dogs(Drag City)

Genre: Indie Rock, Noise Rock, LO-FI, Experimental Rock

16. Demilich-Nespithe(Pavement)

Genre: Technical Death Metal

17. EYEHATEGOD-Take As Needed For Pain(Century Media)

Genre: Sludge Metal

18. Seefeel-Quique(Too Pure)

Genre: Ambient Techno, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, IDM, Ambient

19. PJ Harvey-Rid Of Me(Island)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Noise Rock, Punk Blues, Grunge

20. Craw-Self Titled(Choke)

Genre: Noise Rock, Math Rock, Post-Hardcore

21. Black Dog Production-Bytes(Warp)

Genre: IDM, Ambient Techno, Techno

22. Yo La Tengo-Painful(Matador/Atlantic)

Genre: Indie Rock, Noise Pop, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Slowcore

23. Morphine-Cure For Pain(Rykodisc)

Genre: Jazz Rock, Alternative Rock, Blues Rock

24. Entombed-Wolverine Blues(Earache)

Genre: Death n Roll, Death Metal

25. Th' Faith Healers-Imaginary Friend(Too Pure)

Genre: Noise Rock, Krautrock, Post-Punk, Shoegaze

26. A Tribe Called Quest-Midnight Marauders(Jive)

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Jazz Rap, Boom Bap, Conscious Hip Hop

27. Slowdive-Souvlaki(Creation)

Genre: Dream Pop, Shoegaze

28. Darkthrone-Under A Funeral Moon(Peaceville)

Genre: Black Metal

29. Death-Individual Thought Patterns(Roadrunner)

Genre: Technical Death Metal, Progressive Metal

30. Red House Painters-Self Titled(4AD)

Genre: Slowcore, Dream Pop, Folk Rock

31. Black Moon-Enta Da Stage(Wreck)

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Hardcore Hip Hop, Jazz Rap, Gangsta Rap

32. King Loser-Sonic Super Free HI-FI(Turbulence)

Genre: Noise Rock, Indie Rock, Surf Rock

33. Nomeansno-Why Do They Call Me Mr Happy?(Alternative Tentacles)

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Art Punk, Post-Punk

34. Flaming Lips-Transmissions From the Satellite Heart(Warner Bros)

Genre: Noise Pop, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Pop, Psychedelic Rock, LO-FI, Noise Rock

35. Morbid Angel-Covenant(Earache)

Genre: Death Metal, Groove Metal

36. Snopp Dogg-Doggystyle(Death Row/Interscope)

Genre: G Funk, West Coast Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap

37. Melvins-Houdini(Amphetamine Reptile)

Genre: Sludge Metal, Stoner Rock, Grunge

38. Earth-Earth 2 Special Low Frequency Version(Sub Pop)

Genre: Drone Metal, Drone

39. The Raunch Hands-Fuck Me Stupid(Crypt)

Genre: Garage Rock, Cowpunk, Rock n Roll

40. Stereolab-Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements(Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks)

Genre: Experimental Rock, Noise Pop, Art Pop, Krautrock, Post-Rock, Indie Pop, Shoegaze

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