Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Best Album Covers Of 2016

Hi everyone! Welcome to Speed Glue and Music's best album covers of 2016! I thought it would be nice to highlight some of the well done album covers out there for this year. This is the first time we here at Speed Glue and Music have done an artwork list. The only hiccup I found when putting this list together was how hard it was to find artist credit on some of these works and that's a shame. These artists are usually not really associated with the bands they create for. I wanted to highlight their talents both with and without a band by highlighting the artists name but alas, I wasn't able to credit all the artists because I just couldn't find the info. I hope you enjoy and SEE something you like! Oh also slight disclaimer. This is based on art alone and does not reflect in any way how I feel about the music contained within.

A Tribe Called Quest-We Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service

Artwork By: Richard Prince

Mark Barrott-Sketches From An Island 2

Artwork By: Stevie Anderson

Black Merlin-Hipnotik Tradisi

Artwork By: ???

Black Mountain-IV

Artwork by: J. Schmidt

Karl Blau-Introducing Karl Blau

Artwork by: Laura Viers

Bon Iver-22, A Million

Artwork by: Eric Timothy Carlson

Caretaker-Everywhere At The End Of Time

Artwork by: Ivan Seal

Car Seat Headrest-Teens Of Denial

Artwork by: Mike Zimmerman

Cemetery Piss-Order Of The Vulture

Artwork by: Lane Milburn

Childish Gambino-Awaken My Love!

Artwork by: Ibra Ake

Sam Coomes-Bugger Me

Artwork by: ???

Death Grips-Bottomless Pit

Artwork by: ???

Jonny Fritz-Sweet Creep

Artwork by: Robert Ascroft

Gnaw Their Tongues-Hymns For The Broken, Swollen and Silent

Artwork by: ???

Guts Club-Shit Bug

Artwork by: ???

Darren Hayman-Thankful Villages Vol. 1

Artwork by: ???

Hen Ogledd-Bronze

Artwork by: Richard Dawson

Jamaican Windstorm-Over It

Artwork By: Sean Taylor/Anna Mary Hession Wedding Photographer

Jute Gyte-Perdurance

Artwork by: Adam Kalmbach

King Dude-Sex

Artwork by: Ellen Rodgers

Graham Lambkin-Community

Artwork by: Graham Lambkin

Lemon Twigs-Do Hollywood

Artwork by: Autumn De Wilde

Let's Eat Grandma-I, Gemini

Artwork by: ???

Lil Yachty-Lil Boat

Artwork by: Mihailo Andic

Lord Tang-Butterflies

Artwork By: Kelly Porter

Jackie Lynn-Self Titled

Artwork By: Chris Hefner/Field Of Grass

Mare Cognitum-Luminiferous Aether

Artwork By: Francesco Gemelli

Nice As Fuck-Self Titled

Artwork By: Cali Sales


Artwork By: Nikko Washington

Planes Mistaken For Stars-Prey

Artwork By: Camille Shotliff

Pup-The Dream Is Over

Artwork By: Christopher Mckenney

The Range-Potential

Artwork By: Ian Glover/Rob Carmichael

Jeff Rosenstock-WORRY

Artwork By: Hiro Tanaka

Travis Scott-Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight

Artwork By: Nick Knight

Sex Swing-Self Titled

Artwork By: ???

Sam Shalabi-Isis and Osiris

Artwork By: Louaye El-Mamlouk


Artwork By: ???

Sote-Hardcore Sounds From Tehran

Artwork By: ???

Stargazer's Assistant-Remoteness Of Light

Artwork By: Paschalis Zervas/Wolframgrafik/Joseph Michael/Ted Kinsman]

Sturgill Simpson-A Sailor's Guide To Earth

Artwork By: Kilian Eng

Aaron Lee Tasjan-Silver Tears

Artwork By: ???

Kate Tempest-Let Them Eat Chaos

Artwork By: ???

Thee Oh Sees-A Weird Exits/An Odd Entrances

Artwork By: Robert Beatty

Thy Catafalque-Meta

Artwork By: Agnessa Kessiakova

Vektor-Terminal Redux

Artwork By: ???

Void Omnia-Dying Light

Artwork By: Glenn Schonn

Ryley Walker-Golden Sings That Have Been Sung

Artwork By: Brian Blomerth


Artwork By: KILAS

Zeal & Ardor-Devil Is Fine

Artwork By: ???

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