Thursday, July 7, 2016

Nice As Fuck-Self Titled

Hello everyone, It has definitely been a minute since you last saw an updated post for SGM. I wanted to start this revamping with first a tiny mission statement. I feel the new direction I want to take with the site is that I no longer want to post any scathing reviews. No more vitriol. It's not a "posivibes" thing. I just feel I can do more good for our readership by focusing on the good stuff. The stuff I think you all might like. I want to use this as a conduit for things people would enjoy rather than slam the things you might already like. The closest thing to negativity I might bring is something along the lines of disappointment. I will only write a disappointing review if it is something highly anticipated and that is only with the sheer purpose of posting a cautionary warning to the potential listener, this will always come with the disclaimer that you should definitely listen to it for yourself. As always, opinions and discourse are highly encouraged. I would love to hear what our readership has to say about the albums and lists posted here.

So without further ado......I bring you Speed Glue and Music revamped

To start off our new era I am going to take a look at the self titled debut album by the band Nice As Fuck. A little background on this band. This is a Jenny Lewis project, her of Rilo Kiley, Jenny and Johnny and solo acclaim. Also on board are Erika Forster of Au Revoir Simone and Tennessee Thomas of The Like. Together these three make some very nice skeletal dubby post punk. The lineup is Jenny Lewis on lead vocals and occasional synth, Erika Forster on bass and Tennessee Thomas on drums. The mood and tempo on these 9 tracks are very consistent leading to a very solid and concise debut. The songs are short and the whole thing clocks in at 25 minutes or so.

The main touchstones of influence here is ultimately the dub reggae and post punk of the late 70s and early 80s. This is not reggae, it definitely leans way more in the direction of post punk, but there was a subsect of post punk that relied heavily on dub reggae rhythms and production techniques. This is where their sound lays. The main bands they seem influenced by are first and foremost ESG. For a little background, ESG were 3 sisters who grew up in the bronx and made skeletal funk/punk with girl group influenced vocals. Their album "Come Away With Me" is extremely recommended, especially if you end up liking this. Another band Nice As Fuck heavily echoes is Pylon. Pylon were a dubby post punk band from Athens Georgia. They came up in the same scene as R.E.M. and the B-52s. Pylon were a fun fusion of dancey rhythms and experimentation. I highly recommend everything in their early discography. Lastly there are faint traces of Joy Division's sound running through this record. Mostly in the drum recording.

The lyrical content is pretty simple. Nothing too deep but it's not too shallow either. Most of the mood falls between fun goofiness and short psuedo-poliical slogans(They did have their debut live performance at a Bernie rally after all). You can dance to this album and its real nice to drive and move to. Very recommended and all in all I am very glad this album was made. It has a real nice off the cuff feel to it that perfectly matches its surprise release date and it certainly sounds like they all had a hell of a time making it.

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