Monday, December 22, 2014

Are You Kidding Me? Or How the Critics and Fans Keep Getting It Wrong and Hurt Our Culture In Ways They Won't Realize Until It's Too Late(Or You Know Maybe I'm Just Overreacting...Just A Bit)

Now most of these albums, in my opinion, are pretty bad. Not all of them are terrible. The reason I made this list is because most people seem to think these are good to great to CLASSIC albums. I couldn't disagree more. So in honor of all the things that are mediocre and vaulted to new heights due to circumstances that I can't quite comprehend, I bring you the most overrated records of 2014!!

I also realize that this list will bother a lot of people who consider me a hater. That is fine. This list is potentially not for you. This list is for people who either take great stock in the music world and would love to read a strong or dismissive opinion or for some people who will come here for humor, which I hope most of you will be able to find. If I offended you I'm not really that sorry at all. What I am sorry for are your ears for potentially being exposed to this crap. :)

Love you,
-Sean "Hater" Taylor

(Super boring, I equate it to a silent fart on a windy night that no one smells)

(Really mediocre middle of the road r n b music)

Mr Twin Sister-Self Titled
(Really boring 80s revival crap that for some reason was liked more than all the other really boring 80s revival crap)

Parquet Courts-Sunbathing Animal
(such a disappointing step down from their first one, sucked all the fun and quirkiness outta them, thank god they redeemed themselves with the Parkay Quarts album they put out a couple of weeks ago)

Spoon-They Want My Soul

Sharon Von Etten-Are We There?
(the most boring of all the folky female musicians who put out albums this year, yet oddly it did the best with critics.....hmmmmmmm)

FKA Twigs-LP1
(just pure bullshit, really boring, lacking anything remotely interesting, she sucks without Arca)

Todd Terje-It's Album Time
(cheesy, boring, cliche electronic music)

Run the Jewels-2
(braggadocio misogynistic hip hop masquerading as art and failing miserably, EL-P please retire)

Alt-J-This Is All Yours
(what happens when you mix coldplay and Radiohead and somehow convince the world it's art)

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib-Pinata
(Too thugged out for my liking on the mc tip and it just overshadows all of madlib's contribution)

Sturgill Simpson-Metamodern Sounds In Country Music
(guy gets a little philosophical on a pretty normal contemporary country album and critics lose it)

The War On Drugs-Lost In the Dream
(Mark Kozelik thought this sucked and so do I)

Schoolboy Q-Oxymoron
(boring hip hop masquerading as interesting hip hop)

Real Estate-Atlas
(real fucking boring indie rock)

(i really wish they would put down the electronic instruments)

Future Islands-Singles
(released maybe my least favorite song of the year, this is great if you are out of touch and 60)

Caribou-Our Love
(really? come on dude)

Ben Frost-Aurora
(not that impressive how does this stand out?)

Swans-To Be Kind
(Do you mean Angels Of Light? I mean this is the new Angels of Light album right? This cant be a new Swans record...Swans used to be so cool. "To be kind" I would say this album was boring, to be realistic I would say it SUCKS)

Flying Lotus-You're Dead
(Spastic farty jazz fusion with some real shitty guest vocals, I normally like ADD style music but this was even a bit much for me, it sounds ridiculously amatuerish)

Alvvays-Self Titled
(mediocre indie rock produced by Chad Vangaalen for some reason critics latched onto it, i did not)

Cymbals Eat Guitars-Lose
(same as above)

All of the "Emo revival" crap that came out this year. I would rather not put names down here because if you don't know what I am talking about I would rather you just didn't know what I was talking about so these bands can just be forgotten.

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