Tuesday, December 23, 2014

....And the Runner's Up In Our Competition!!!

The Top Albums that almost made the best albums of the year list.

These albums are all pretty damn good and deserve an honorable mention due to their merit, creativity, staying power and overall ability to easily enjoy!
So without further ado I bring you the RUNNER'S UP!!!!!!!!

Scott Walker and Sunn O)))-Soused
Genre: Doom Metal,Experimental

Lil Data-Sup Mix
Genre: Electronic

Electric Wizard-Time To Die
Genre: Sludge Metal,Stoner Metal

Perc-The Power and the Glory
Genre: Harsh Electronics,Noise

Panda Bear-Mr. Noah
Genre: Electronic Sample Based Pop

Fear Of Men-Loom
Genre: Dream Pop

Qui-Life, Water, Living...
Genre: Rock,Pop

Karen O-Crush Songs
Genre: Lo-Fi Folk

Genre: Electronic Pop,Experimental

Wold-Post Social
Genre: Harsh Experimental Noise, Black Metal?

Mac Demarco-Salad Days
Genre: Chilled out indie rock,Stoner/Slacker rock

Jenny Lewis-The Voyager
Genre: Indie Rock

Shellac-Dude Incredible
Genre: Noise Rock

Nux Vomica-Self Titled
Genre: Crust,Metal

Obliterations-Poison Everything
Genre: Hardcore

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