Friday, September 19, 2014


So this year has been pretty good for music. One thing I noticed is that songs on albums were standing out to me more than whole albums. I can't tell if this was a product of my surroundings or patience or just quality of full length albums in general. A lot of these songs come off albums that are indeed fully great. A lot of these songs also come from albums that I have since sold back, so albums that werent horrible but not worth keeping in my collection. A couple of these tracks did in fact come from albums that were returned almost immediately after purchase. So yeah dig in, enjoy the tunes, they run the gamut. I guarantee you will like something on this list, if you don't you may want to breathe onto a mirror because I think you might not have a soul! These are in order of greatness to less greatness. We start at the bottom: 1. Courtney Barnett-Avant Gardener & History Eraser(tie!) 2. Angel Olsen-Hi Five 3. Morgan Delt-Mr.Carbon Copy 4. Hundred Waters-Show Me Love/Murmers 5. Shabazz Palaces-#CAKE 6. The Body and The Haxan Cloak-To Carry the Seeds Of Death Within Me 7. Slothrust-Cubicle,Juice,Crockpot(3 way tie) 8. St.Vincent-Birth In Reverse, Digital Witness, Huey Newton(3 way) 9. Fennesz-Static Kings 10. Zammuto-Electric Ant 11. Plague Vendor-Numbers 12. Sun Kil Moon-Dogs 13. Quilt-Arctic Shark 14. Mac Demarco-Let Her Go, Treat Her Better 15. Black Bananas-Hey Rockin' 16. Qui-Whateryadoin? 17. Big Ups-Goes Black 18. Soft Pink Truth-Black Metal 19. Perfect Pussy-Driver 20. Protomartyr-Ain't It Simple 21. Slough Feg-Digital Resistance 22. Fear Of Men-Waterfall 23. Clipping-Body & Blood 24. Naomi Punk-Firehose Face 25. Tune Yards-Find A New Way

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