Sunday, August 10, 2014

Plague Vendor - Free To Eat(2014)

So I used to listen to a lot of music in high school that happened to be on the label these guys are on, Epitaph. This label is owned by the guitarist of Bad Religion, they released all the Bad Religion stuff, Rancid, The know these bands were their 90s bread and butter. I grew in and out of most of these bands and for the most part Epitaph and I completely fell out with each other. They liked pop-punk, I liked Indie Rock. Then they continued liking garbage and I kept getting into weirder and weirder things. A funny thing happened the other day though. I read a review of a band that looked very promising. A group of young dudes from Whittier making a lot of racket in the underground. They had a kick ass name, the cover of the album looked awesome. I found it for cheap at Amoeba a few days later and then to my surprise I looked at the lower back right corner and saw my old friend "Epitaph" written right there. I thought "Oh Noooooo what am I getting myself into?" So I popped it on and immediately I am greeted with a blast of fast driving basically Garage Rock. Yeah it has a little bit of pop punkiness to it, mostly in attitude, but as a whole it moreso resembled The Blood Brothers fronting a kick ass modern Garage band, like something you would hear on Burger or Castle face but with a little more polish in the recording and a little more immediacy in the songwriting to help distinguish themselves. Another band that comes to mind slightly is the oft-forgotten kick ass band Skull Kontrol. They have the same psuedo rockabilly licks going at hyper speed. The makeup of this album also kind of reminds me of Mclusky or at least the feeling I got when I got into "Do Dallas". This album is loud, this album is fast, this album is sharp and it wants to kick your ass. It lasts about 20 minutes but it doesn't feel like an EP, it feels like a fully formed full length statement. I recommend these guys to anyone in the mood for something kick ass to drive to or hell, run down the street to. Who knew after almost 15 years Epitaph would get off their asses and release something for the musical world to give a shit about. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Also don't forget to catch them for free at Echo Park Rising on August 15th/16th/17th not sure what venue they are gonna be at or what time they are playing but they will be there and so will I.

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