Sunday, November 17, 2013

Colleen Green - Sock It To Me (Hardly Art) 2013

This is the second album by Los Angeles resident Colleen Green. It is a laid back fuzzy affair. The music is mostly fuzzed out and distorted guitar and bass over cheap drum machine beats. The style is in that of the hazy sounds of some of the more lo-fi Breeders songs. Throw in a little Best Coast vocal melodies and lyrical influences and you have an ode to "alternative" rock era songwriting as well as a healthy dose of pop punk attitude. This music is very "high school" in a good way. It captures a young spirit, one that embraces the rush of young love and the mundane simple pleasures that are, to a 30 year old, lost to time. The lyrics read like naive diary entries(in a good way). Songs about crushes and who you eat lunch with, etc....This also has the attitude of a turned down Be Your Own Pet. Youthful exuberance after it's told to "shhhhh" by the chemistry teacher. There is nothing relevatory about this album, nothing shocking, just chilled out, fuzzed out punk rock without pretension. Some will love this, others might find it boring and played out. I find it to be pretty alright.

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