Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pissed Jeans - Honeys (2013) SUB POP

So another couple of years go by and here we have a new Pissed Jeans record. Do you like them? If the answer is "yes" then you have either heard this already and love it. If you haven't heard it, go listen to it...i'll wait...then we'll agree it's awesome. For those of you who don't like them; this album wont change your mind, unless you liked them but just hated/had no patience for their long plodding psuedo doom metal songs, those are gone. It's mostly all punk inspired fast tunes. So what do Pissed Jeans sound like? Pretty much take later period Black Flag, mix it with a tiny bit of Flipper and then lay that on top of a base of Jesus Lizard and In Utero era Nirvana. The cherry on top of all that is the truthful, nasty "hold a mirror up to your face" cynicism/skepticism and all around hater-perspective lyrics. If you don't like a lot of society's common tropes then there is a lot to love in what Matt Korvette howls about. Some of his favorite targets are the mundanely painfully boring aspects of the working world, the corruption found everywhere, relationship dynamic struggles, materialism, loubs, health care plans, stick figure family stickers on the backs of cars, shitty bosses, the virtues of wishing someone dead, yuppies, and the list goes on and on. The one song with a (somewhat)positive message is "Male Gaze" which tackles the issue of the seemingly inevitable conundrum of asshole males (and some females) keeping other females down within the punk rock community. I said "somewhat" positive message up there because Matt Korvette admits that he is guilty of doing some of the oppressing but the chorus is "i'm trying to get better" so there's that. This is truly angry music for people that call bullshit on a lot of things. There is a lot of truth in the power of the music and the power of the lyrics. This band says a lot of what people think but are afraid to say. This might be their greatest virtue. This music is ugly, confrontational and critical of the world surrounding it. These guys work white collar office jobs and hate the way they feel but realize that it's hard to move around and once you find a niche where you can live compromisingly comfortably and create your art that you have, somehow, kind of made it but that doesn't mean for a second that they can rest with their opinions railing against the exact system they are forced the be a part of. This is therapy music for anyone who feels that this world should offer something much better because like a best friend you can go and shoot the shit with over a beer, this music is oddly comforting.

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