Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ATOM tm - Hd (2013) Raster-Noton

Cold, calculated, dark, glitchy and fun as hell. The sounds on this album all point to the ultra-modern. This is electronic music with the mind and body both on equal footing. Beats snap and crackle and fade away with as much urgency as they came in on. This man definitely has a sense of humor. He throws on a really nice cover of "My Generation" he attacks modern pop artists with a lazer guided barb on the track "Stop(Imperialistic Pop)" On the same token he lets Jamie Lidell do his best impersonation of Justin Timberlake on a track which shows he isn't totally averse to pop music. It comes off like a mutant prince filtered through Daft Punk. This is the music Kraftwerk would make had they been dissatisfied with where electronic pop went after they pioneered it. This shit is super fun and super heady. This is dork, rock inspired electronic music with a cold heart. Get with it for a party and then sit and listen for the comedown. Shake your ass and stimulate your mind. One of the best of 2013 for sure.

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