Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bjork-Biophilia (2011)

Björk - Hollow (Original 7 Minute Version) - Japanese bonus by La 3e heure!

Ok so here goes. My history with Bjork; a brief discography overview. Debut-had promise never really got too into it. Post-Brilliant. Homogenic-Even more brilliant. Vespertine-Less brilliant but like a cold surgical knife it could due some beautiful damage. Medulla-pretty farty. Volta-Fucking garbage. There, that wasn't so bad was it?

Now onto the new album. This album is a beautiful, expansive, warm and cold album. The music on most of it is very minimal, lots of organs and harps and minimal electronic beats. She produced 90% of the album herself this time, which is a rarity for Bjork and you can kind of tell but not really since I have never heard her self production before. The album seems to want to envelop the listener in a warm blanket of repetition and I would have to say the highlight throughout the whole album is that of voice and atmosphere. This thing is thick with atmosphere and is downright creepy in parts. The choirs of Bjork's are creeptown but it also has a certain sense of familiarity.

Lyrically the album seems to be a lot about the creation of life in the universe and all these huge themes of things that are bigger than all of our petty problems as humans. It's as if she has given up being aggressive(Volta) and decided to look into and out of herself at the same time. She is seeing the beauty of the world even though at first glance it feels like the world is in a constant state of strife. So in a way this album to me represents escapism at it's best. At it's best because it's not true idiot escapism, it's escapism to the country or just into the beautiful places of your mind and finding a way to return to that in reality. She seems to be yearning to teach people to just chill the fuck out and to look at our ancestors and realize all their mistakes and accomplishments. I could be reading way too much into this but it really does feel like a plea for people to settle down and shut their mouths, it's very meditative.
The best tracks here are the "ballad" "Cosmogony" which is based on choir vocals and a soaring lead vocal and slight instrumentation. The number 1 highlight on the album by far though is the song "Hollow". It begins with a throbbing organ that is repeated faster and faster over and over again until Bjork kicks in. The whole thing feels like a dark demented Jon Brion production and you can feel the room these instruments are being recorded in. The whole song is basically voice and organ and it easily ranks as one of the best things she has ever recorded. It hits everything out of the park.
This album is completely indebted to 20th century modern classical music as well as voice music of the Avant Garde and just good ol fashioned Bjork perfection. I am ranking this album of hers probably just below Post in the greatness category. So lets recap Debut-B, Post-A, Homogenic-A+, Vespertine-B+, Medulla-C-, Volta-D, Biophilia-A-

go listen to this

oh and yeah this was released as an APP album with a bunch of extra shit but i dont own an Iphone or an Ipad and I dont give a fuck about Steve Jobs.....IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC

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