Sunday, September 11, 2011

Winter Family-Red Sugar (2011)

winter family - red sugar (album preview) by experimedia

Imagine for about an hour you are in some foreign land and you come across a temple/church/some type of place of worship. You are not religious. You are not searching for yourself. What is real is the organ music wafting through the front doors of this temple. It beckons you inside and when you walk inside you see people from all walks of life. no one turns their heads to greet you when you step inside. No ill will is found in this place. You take a seat and look forward just as a woman takes the pulpit and begins chanting in a language you cant recognize. This chanting and talking takes you out of the world and places you firmly in your seat in this darkened cathedral. Once that woman steps off the pulpit another woman takes her place. This time she is American and is telling a story of rape and self discovery. This doesnt depress you instead it fills you with a sense of your own purpose or something or other. Outside you can hear a political protest going on. It first starts civil then quickly devolves into a mob tearing at the walls and screaming for everyone inside to come out so they may either join or die. You have to make this choice. Not right now but soon.
Right now you are actually in your bedroom listening to Winter Family's Red Sugar and wondering where you went for the past hour hoping to get there once again and never again at the same time. Imagine if you will Nico fronting a peace rally in Israel. Then imagine it is the most uplifting and depressing thing you have heard all year. This is what great albums are made of.

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