Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dirty Beaches-Badlands (2011)

What happens when you take rockabilly and boil it down to it's core? What happens if you add Elvis vocals to that kick ass Dymaxion album? What happens when you throw all that in a undersea canister and let it seep out slowly over time? Dirty Beaches is what you get. It's like the 50s on major amounts of opiates and it ends up coming out sounding like a lo-fi version of Suicide. Apparently this guy made this album for his parents because they weren't down with the weird stuff he was already doing. His parents were rockabilly parents in the 50s and 60s so he decided to put his own spin on the music they loved. This is the result. One of the best hangover albums I have ever heard. It is perfect for your brain if all your brain wants is to chill the fuck out. You don't have to put too much mental effort into enjoying this kind of thing but that's not to say it's dumb by any means. It just flows very well in a simplistic fashion, but I mean, an idiot isnt gonna sample Les Rallizes Dénudés anytime soon. So sit back and enjoy the wonderfully dark psychotic hangover sounds of Dirty Beaches and forget about your troubles.


  1. hanni el khatib didn't really do much for me, but I'm definitely feeling dirty beaches. I sort of stayed away from this record for awhile during the publicity storm it received, but I'm glad I eventually checked it out. what song samples les rallizes denudes? also I would add that this is considerably more hi-fi than suicide in my opinion