Friday, August 12, 2011

Thunder and Lightning-Kangaroo Court (2011)

So this might be the dorkiest record I have ever heard. This, my friends, is a good thing. This album harkens back to a time when "Indie Rock" was still innocent. I would say pre-2005 before the shit got all tied up in pop and the mainstream. This album exudes a sense of innocence that I haven't heard in a while.
This is the drummer of a band I have never heard before called the Harlem Shakes, they came out with an album in 2009 and have since broken up. The drummer decided he would throw his hat into the ring and the results are pretty awesome. Now i must preface this by saying not everyone will like this album, hell I think most people would hate it these days. People might write it off as too cute or something but it really does have some teeth. The lyrics especially all tell little mini stories with tons of details that beg you to follow them. He sings about haunted places, girls, san francisco, love, loss, happiness, you know the staple indie pop shit but it's done with such a precise pen that you can but stand up and take notice.
Musically I would say the music is most similar to a blend of Quasi, They Might Be Giants, Ben Folds Five and the Ovens.
So fans of super nerdy piano based indie pop all done by one guy than this is definitely your bag. While this might not be for everyone I have to shed some notice on this record before the year is through just so people know the shit exists, no doubt this will go on some your year end lists

have some nerdy fun!

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